Doctoral Program:
Management Information Systems Concentration

Coordinator of Management Information Systems: Prof. Surinder Kahai

The doctoral program in MIS aims to train students to become high-quality academic researchers in their respective areas. MIS seminars cover a broad range of research streams related to individual, group, and organizational consequences of information systems. Some of the current research interests of the MIS faculty include information systems alignment, information systems leadership, virtual teams/computer-mediated communication, social networking, and online learning. MIS seminars are supplemented with seminars in related disciplines as well as multiple research methods seminars. A typical course sequence appears below.

During the first two years of course work, it is expected from students to have the ability to a) critique theoretical and methodological approaches taken by the respective authors of the assigned readings, and b) formulate their own researchable propositions on a self-selected or faculty-guided topic of interest. At the end of the course work, students should be able to compare and contrast the major research streams in MIS literature and have a strong comprehension of the research methods available for MIS research. It is also expected from students to have a high-quality research in progress with multiple conference and/or journal submissions before their comprehensive exams.

Typical Schedule for MIS Ph.D. Students

Year 1:

First Semester: Seminar in MIS (Special Topics), Seminar in Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Research Methods 1, Quantitative Methods 1

Second Semester: Seminar in MIS (Organizational Impacts of IS), Teaching Pedagogy, Research Methods 2, Quantitative Methods 2

Year 2:

First Semester: Seminar in MIS (IT Innovations), Advanced Statistics and Data Analysis, Judgment and Decision Making, Seminar in Complex Science

Second Semester: Seminar in MIS (IS and Social Networks), Seminar in MIS (Special Topics), Seminar in Collective Dynamic of Complex Systems

Year 3:

Comprehensive Exams, Teaching Experience, Dissertation Proposal

Year 4:



Management Information Systems Faculty

SURINDER KAHAI, Ph.D., The University of Michigan, Associate Professor
Research interests: Computer-mediated communication, information systems leadership, social networking, online learning

ALI YAYLA, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University, Associate Professor
Research interests: IT leadership, IT business alignment, IT security

SUMANTRA SARKAR, Ph.D, Georgia State University; Assistant Professor;
Research Interests: organizational routines, health information technologies, IT governance


Management Information Systems Doctoral Students

Yu Lei



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