Doctoral Program: 
Marketing Concentration 

Coordinator for Marketing - Prof. Subimal Chatterjee

The marketing faculty has a wide range of research interests in behavioral and quantitative marketing spanning across functional areas (e.g., marketing/finance interface) and disciplines (e.g., marketing/judgment and decision making). Some of the current research interests include studying moral judgments, emotions and decisions, evaluating risk and uncertainty, branding and innovation adoption, marketing and finance interactions, relationship marketing and strategic alliances among firms, and competitive marketing strategy with standard competition. The marketing faculty are well-published and their work has appeared in leading journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Journal of Consumer Psychology. They have also published in leading journals outside of marketing, such as Production and Operations Management and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

We expect our doctoral students to develop independent research skills and therefore emphasize strong quantitative orientations and adequate training in experimental design and analysis. In their major area, students take seminars in Judgment and Decision Making, Consumer Choice Models, Consumer Behavior, Empirical Marketing Models, and Managing Inter-Firm Relationships. In their minor area, students are free to design their minor to complement their major field of study, and these are typically in areas outside of marketing (e.g.,  Leadership, Social Psychology, Econometrics, and Experimental Methods).  At the end of their first year, all students are required to make a presentation of their summer research that is supervised by two faculty members.  Students may not be allowed to advance to their second years courses unless their summer research is deemed satisfactory by the marketing faculty.

Typical Schedule for Marketing Ph.D. students:

Year 1:

First semester: Research Methods I, Seminar in Marketing (Current Topics), Teaching Pedagogy, Minor Coursework and Advanced Quantitative Courses

Second semester: Research Methods II, Specialized Seminar in Marketing, , Minor Coursework and Advanced Quantitative Courses

At the end of the first year, students present their summer research supervised by two faculty members.  They may not be allowed to advance to the second years courses unless their research is deemed to be satisfactory by the faculty.

Year 2:

First semester:  Specialized Seminars in Marketing, Minor Coursework and Advanced Quantitative Courses

Second semester:  Specialized Seminars in Marketing, Minor Coursework and Advanced Quantitative Courses

Year 3:

Comprehensive Exams, Dissertation Proposal

Year 4:

Dissertation Research

Marketing Faculty

MANOJ K. AGARWAL, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, Professor
Research interests: Marketing and finance interface, branding and brand equity, product diffusion, marketing and interface design

GEORGE S. BOBINSKI, Jr., Ph.D., Indiana University, Associate Dean
Research interests: Advertising, consumer behavior, individual and group decision making

SUBIMAL CHATTERJEE, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Professor
Research interests: Economic psychology of consumer behavior, judgment and decision-making

DEBI P. MISHRA, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, Associate Professor
Research interests: Distribution systems, strategic partnerships, marketing strategy, research methodology

CHANG HEE PARK, Ph.D., Cornell University, Assistant Professor
Research interests: Customer relationship management, e-commerce, marketing-operations interfaces, probability models

GLENN PITMAN, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Professor
Research interests: Marketing strategy, advertising and sales management

QI WANG, Ph.D., University of Florida, Assistant Professor
Research interests: Standards competition and network effects, corporate sustainability, emerging globalization, product and business innovation

JINFENG (JENNY) JIAO, Ph.D., University of Iowa, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Moral decision making, emotion, and branding

Current Marketing Doctoral Students

Jennifer Lee

Zecong Ma

Yilong Zheng

Ning (James) Fu

Satadruta Mookherjee

Sirajul Shibly

Last Updated: 9/27/16