Doctoral Program: 
Organizational Behavior/Leadership Concentration 

Coordinator for OB/Leadership: Prof. Francis Yammarino

Organizational Behavior (OB) seminars focus on both micro and macro perspectives on industrial and organizational effectiveness. Individual, dyadic/interpersonal, group/team, and organizational/systems behavior are examined with a particular emphasis on leadership in and of organizations. A typical course sequence, some past specializations (or related minors), and the core faculty are listed below.

OB seminars have been taken by students from OB, human resources management, accounting, marketing, systems science, psychology, sociology, and political science. The core faculty are also research fellows in the Center for Leadership Studies, an interdisciplinary research center. As such, OB seminars and faculty research often include direct and indirect linkages with leadership studies. Students are educated about theory, research, practice, and teaching of OB and leadership.

Typical Schedule for OB Ph.D. Students

Year 1:

First semester: Research Methods I, Statistics I, Advanced Organizational Behavior, Pedagogy
Second semester: Research Methods II, Statistics II, Special Topics in OB

Year 2:

First semester: Leadership in Organizations, Specialization I, Specialization II
Second semester: Theory Testing in Leadership, Specialization III, Pedagogy Seminar

Year 3:

Teaching Experience, Comprehensive Exams, Dissertation Proposal

Year 4:

Dissertation Research


Organizational Behavior Faculty

The OB faculty are active researchers, teachers, and consultants. They are the authors of numerous books, research monographs, and journal articles that have appeared in key outlets such as Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Leadership Quarterly, Personnel Psychology, and Psychological Bulletin. Faculty members serve as editors, editorial board members, and reviewers for various journals and are active in several professional associations. They are consultants to many Fortune 500 companies, domestic and foreign organizations, and national government agencies.

FRANCIS YAMMARINO, Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo, Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Leadership Studies
Research interests: Multiple-level approaches to leadership, superior-subordinate relationships, self-other agreement processes, and research methodologies.

SHELLEY DIONNE, Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton, Associate Professor;
Research interests: Leadership and creativity, multi-level approaches to leadership and team development.

KIMBERLY JAUSSI, Ph.D., University of Southern California, Associate Professor;
Research interests: Creativity and leadership, inconventional behavior, identity issues in teams, organizational commitment.

SETH SPAIN, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Assistant Professor;
Research interests: Organizational behavior, human resource management, dynamic criteria, personality and affect, research methods.

W. DONALD SPANGLER, Ph.D., The University of Michigan, Associate Professor;
Research interests: Leadership and personality, methods.

In addition to these core OB faculty listed above, the Center for Leadership Studies has fellows both at Binghamton University and other universities who can also be important resources for doctoral students.

Organizational Behavior Doctoral Students

Jayoung Kim

Minyoung Cheong

Chanyu Hao

Jiangang Huang

Kristin Sotak

Chou-Yu Tsai

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