Program Curriculum

Doctoral Degree

Most entering students have obtained their MBA* and will need to complete the following courses and credit hours toward the PhD:

  • Advanced quantitative/research methods
    16 credits (4 courses)
  • Core courses in concentration area
    16 credits (4 courses)
  • Specialization courses
    8 credits (2 courses)
  • Independent study
    variable credits
  • Pedagogy seminar
    2 credits
  • Comprehensive exams
  • Dissertation proposal
  • Dissertation

*Students with master's degrees in other disciplines need not complete an MBA, but must take or have taken the graduate level foundation coursework in the following areas: Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, and Organizational Behavior.

*Students without a master's degree, but with an undergraduate degree in business may be eligible for our one-year Fast-Track MBA program. Unlike most MBA programs, our Fast-Track program allows qualified students to take PhD courses in place of MBA electives, accelerating progress toward the PhD degree.
See more information about the Fast-Track program.

The School of Management PhD program is designed for full-time students only. PhD students, therefore, are expected to be enrolled in full-time course work and will also be provided an assistantship, with a stipend and tuition scholarship, consisting of research and/or teaching.

Last Updated: 3/25/14