Harpur Fast-Track Masters in Business Administration Combined Degree Program

Consider the Benefits...

  • Increase Your Marketability and Earning Potential
  • Save Time: Earn your MBA with one additional year of study instead of two
  • Outstanding Value: Pay graduate tuition for only one year
  • Gain Real-World Experience: Explore various career tracks through numerous internships, team-based coursework, and consulting project courses

Program ObjectiveHarpur Fast-Track

The Harpur Fast-Track MBA Program is a combined degree option for liberal arts students looking to apply their skills in a management background. This opportunity enables a student to complete an undergraduate degree and a masters degree in five years.

General Program Requirements

To be eligible for this time-saving option, students should begin to prepare during their freshman year. They must commit to completing all requirements for their chosen departmental major and all college requirements by the conclusion of their third year of academic work. Each semester's course load should be planned with this in mind. Thus, the student's fourth year has only elective requirements remaining for the Harpur College degree. During that fourth year, students who gain admission into the Fast-Track program are permitted to take, in fulfillment of baccalaureate degree requirements, that set of course work (32 credit hours) which represents the first year of the four-semester MBA curriculum. A subsequent year of study, as an official graduate student, provides students with the Master of Business Administration, as well as the baccalaureate degree in a liberal arts discipline.

A letter from Assistant Director of MS/MBA Programs, Alesia Wheeler-Wade.

Harpur Liberal Arts Undergraduate Bachelor's - Management MBA

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How Do I Apply?

Admission in the first year of the MBA curriculum requires that the student fully meet all of the traditional academic requirements for admission to the graduate program (except for possession of a bachelor's degree.) Students can apply for "conditional" admission into the MBA program as early as their freshman year. By their junior year, however, students must take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and submit an application to Binghamton University 's Graduate Admissions Office. Because of the structure of the curriculum, students are admitted only for the Fall semester of the senior year.

Further, only students whose performance in the first year meets specified minimum standards are allowed to move into the second year of MBA course work.

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How Do I Obtain Advising?

It is difficult to give specific semester-by-semester advice to Harpur students interested in the Fast-Track Program, because major requirements vary greatly among Harpur departments. As a general plan, students should take college requirements and two potential major courses each semester of their freshman year. Normally, students should decide on the major early in the second year, while continuing to take at least two college requirements and two major courses each semester. In the third year, students should concentrate on completing any remaining major and all college requirements, and on taking courses that might better prepare them for the MBA curriculum.It is strongly recommended that students have a basic understanding of calculus prior to enrollment in the program. Students who plan careers in Finance or Operations Management should be aware that a strong foundation in calculus is necessary.

For more information regarding the Harpur Fast-Track Program, see the Undergraduate Bulletin and contact Harpur Academic Advising or SOM Graduate Advising .

When you consider the benefits - the quality of education, the added value of an MBA, the increase in marketability and the savings in time and money - you will recognize that this program is designed with your career in mind.


Program questions may be referred to:
Alesia Wheeler-Wade
Assistant Director/Academic Advisor

Last Updated: 5/23/16