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Why Binghamton?

Our graduate students are bright, focused, committed, and hard-working. Discover why some of our top students chose Binghamton University.

Gizem Atav, MBA '10

Gizem Atav, MBA '10

PhD student, marketing, Binghamton University School of Management

"I did my graduate studies in Binghamton University because I was lucky enough to experience the high-quality education and commitment to diversity during my undergradute studies. I knew that my experience as a graduate student would continue to provide a high return on my investment. The strong emphasis on teamwork prepared me to work with others. Also, the MBA program provided a wide range of courses that enabled me to be successful in different tasks that my PhD requires, such as data analysis and marketing strategy."

Joselyn Brito, MS '10

Joselyn Brito, MS Accounting '10

Assurance Associate, McGladrey, LLP, New York

"As long as I have known of Binghamton University, I have heard that its programs ranked nationally. SOM's curriculum is group-work intensive. Learning to work with different personalities has prepared me for my role as an auditor. Many of the accounting theories, concepts, and cases covered in classes at Binghamton are relevant in my job on a daily basis."

Pranav Kaluskar, MBA '10

Pranav Kaluskar, MBA '10  

Project Leader, Kraft Foods, Toronto, Canada

"I became interested in the MBA program while enrolled in the MS Industrial Engineering Program in the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton. As a part of my MS course, I took the Supply Chain Management course in the MBA program. I was very impressed by the curriculum and thought it was a great value for the money. The faculty are very good with plenty of research and industrial experience. It is a good combination to have."

Amy Smith Korver, MBA '10

Amy (Smith) Korver, MBA '10

Human Resource Specialist, Preferred Mutual Insurance Company, New Berlin, N.Y.

"I selected Binghamton because the School of Management had a great reputation. I gained skill sets that I would not have otherwise been able to offer. The team approach is an attractive aspect of the program. I learned how to function more effectively as part of a team, which is essential to what I do now in my career. The program was tough and provided an excellent knowledge base to further my skills before starting my career.  I work in a human resources capacity and my Binghamton education helped shape me into a more professional person. It was a great two years in the MBA program, and what I gained from it will continue to benefit me in the future."

Last Updated: 7/21/15