1. I'm a SOM freshman and want to take ECON 160 and 162 (Micro/Macro). What do you think, and which one should I take first?

It does not matter which one is taken first, but the Economics department recommends that students wait until sophomore year to take these courses.

2. I have AP credit for calculus, but want to take MATH 220. Can I get credit for it?

No. You cannot receive credit because this is considered duplicate coursework.

3. I have not received my scores from AP exams taken (e.g., calculus). Should I register for the courses at Binghamton University?

Do not register for a course if you feel you passed the AP exam. If you have a grade of 3 or better, you will receive credit for the course, and it will fulfill the requirement.

4. As a SOM student, can I take ECON 160/162 or MATH 225?

Yes, SOM students have a limited number of P/F courses they may take in the liberal arts (see Bulletin). Because these are liberal arts courses, you can choose the P/F option. This would be true for any Harpur College course. However, courses taken for GenEd must be taken for a letter grade.

5. Which should I take: MATH 220 (Calculus for Management Decisions) or 224 and 225 (Calculus I)?

Take MATH 224 and MATH 225 if you are planning to continue the calculus sequence. If you only plan to take one calculus course, MATH 220 will fulfill the requirement, although you may take MATH 224 and 225 if desired. MATH 220 will not allow you to proceed to MATH 226 and 227 (Calculus II) or higher, however.

6. I'm a SOM student and would like to take MATH 147 (Statistics). Can I do this?

Yes, but CQS 112 (Statistics for Management) is preferred to fulfill the statistics requirement. It is designed for management students and, therefore, uses examples from that field of study. If you already have credit for MATH 147, MATH 148, PSYC 243, or ECON 366 do not take CQS 112 as you can only use one introductory stats course towards your degree requirements.

7. Can a SOM student take both CQS 111 and CS 105?

No. Students cannot receive credit for both courses because they are very similar in content.

8. Can a SOM student have a minor in Harpur College?

Yes. Students may use non-MGMT electives to complete a minor. It would be difficult, however, to complete both a second concentration and a minor without taking coursework above the 130 credits required for the degree.

9. Can a SOM student have more than one concentration?

Students may elect to pursue a second concentration. Preference in registration will go to students fulfilling their primary concentration if space is limited.

10. What courses fulfill the Writing Emphasis requirement in SOM?

The SOM writing requirement consists of two courses in the liberal arts that are designated as “C” in the Schedule of Classes. These "writing emphasis" courses focus on writing more than a “W” designated course. Students are encouraged to take "W's" to bolster their writing skills but no combination of such courses will fulfill the writing requirement. Transfer courses must show a clear writing component to be considered equivalent to "writing emphasis" courses at Binghamton. Courses with the terms composition or writing in the title are considered to be equivalent.

11. I am a freshman in Harpur College, but wish to transfer to SOM. How and when do I go about that?

You generally would need to complete a year in Harpur and then apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for an Intra-University Transfer (IUT). Preference is given to students entering the junior year and because space is limited, few freshmen are able to transfer immediately. Such students should follow the typical curriculum for the desired degree and maintain a GPA of at least 3.2 and apply again. While no guarantees of future admission can be made, this process will generally result in admission by the junior year. For more information, see the Transfer Policies section of this website.

12. Can I take some of my junior level courses early so I can study abroad during my junior year?

The faculty members feel strongly that you should take the appropriate liberal arts courses in preparation for the upper-level management courses, so they do not permit these junior-level courses to be taken early. If you wish to study abroad, it is best to do so during the sophomore year. For more information, see the Study Abroad section of this site.

13. I want to take a course at home over the summer. Do I need permission first?

SOM students must always get prior permission to take courses at another college or university. Complete the Petition to Take Courses at Another Institution  and submit the form to SOM Advising for approval. After completing the approved course, have an official transcript sent to the advisor to complete the credit transfer process.

14. I'm a freshman and I can get an internship this summer at home. Can I get credit for it?

No. Internships require junior standing and completion of the appropriate introductory course.

15. What are the criteria for non-intro courses?

This document contains the necessary criteria.

16. I would like to take classes at other schools. What classes from the other schools are equivalent to Binghamton classes?

There is no complete listing of all courses at all schools, but many common liberal arts courses may be found on the Harpur College transfer information page, under the Transfer Equivalency Tables.

Last Updated: 1/13/16