Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

The DARS report shows the degree requirements for your declared major and inserts completed courses in the appropriate places to give a picture of the progress you have made to date. For the School of Management, the report is separated into several parts, each showing different aspects of the graduation requirements. You must make sure that all credit hour requirements plus all course requirements are completed in order to graduate. Each section shows only a part of the picture. It is possible to complete all the required non-mgmt courses, for example, and still need additional non-mgmt elective credits to fulfill that part of your degree.

Part One: Summary of Requirements

The credit hour requirements for the degree (130), the residency requirement (30 cr.), and the hours earned in various categories are shown. Courses being counted towards the non-mgmt and mgmt categories are shown. You must have a minimum of 60 or 65 credits of non-mgmt coursework depending on your degree program. There is no minimum number of credits needed in management coursework. The non-mgmt section shows credits earned and the minimum remaining to be taken to satisfy the requirement. Since there is no minimum credit requirement in mgmt, there is no 'credits remaining' number shown.
In the upper left corner of the box is an indication of the status of the section. A 'NO' means the requirement has not yet been completed. An 'OK' means that all requirements of this section have been met. For sub-requirements in a section, a '+' or '-' will be shown indicating fulfillment or lack of fulfillment of the sub-requirement. A notation of '*' is an indication of general information. Total accepted transfer credits are shown.

Part Two: Grade Point Averages

Both the cumulative GPA (all courses taken at Binghamton) and the SOM GPA (only courses offered by the School of Management) are shown. You need at least a 2.0 in each GPA in order to graduate.

Part Three: General Education

This section shows the status of completion of the various General Education requirements. Each course shown here will also count under non-mgmt or mgmt in Part One above. You need to complete at least one course for each category.

Part Four: Non-Mgmt Requirements

This section shows the specific liberal arts courses required of all SOM students. Courses appearing here also are included in part one above. Micro and macroeconomics, Calculus, Statistics and 3 non-introductory courses are common to all SOM majors. In addition, this section shows the status of the writing requirement. SOM requires 2 writing emphasis (C) courses. These 2 courses may also satisfy another requirement at the same time and so are shown separately. Accounting majors will have a CS requirement shown in this section also.

Part Five: Management Requirements

This section shows those management and accounting courses which are required of all SOM students. The first requirement shows the appropriate freshman and sophomore courses for each major and the second shows the junior and senior core courses. Accounting majors will also have a section showing the required accounting courses.
Since all of the SOM courses shown are required, this section will have a 'Select From' line after each requirement showing the list of required courses. As each is taken, it will move from the 'Select From' line to the completed courses line. Any course remaining on the 'Select From' line must be taken prior to graduation.
In the 'Freshman and Sophomore' course requirement, there is an OR between ACCT 212 and ACCT 305. This means you must take one, but not both of these 2 courses. It refers to only those 2 courses, not the entire line. MGMT majors typically take ACCT 212, but may chose ACCT 305 if preferred, especially if they haven't yet decided on a major and are considering a change to the Acct major. ACCT 305 counts towards both the ACCT major and the MGMT major, but ACCT 212 is usable only in the MGMT major. Acct majors MUST take ACCT 305.

Part Six: Primary Concentration Requirements

Part 6 shows the concentration requirements for management majors once a concentration has been selected or the requirements for  General Management prior to that time. If a second concentration or a minor has been chosen, a second section will also appear. If you choose not to select a secondary concentration, you still must satisfy the credit hour requirements that normally would be used to complete it. This may be done by taking enough additional mgmt or non-mgmt electives to bring your credit total to at least 130. A student who starts at Binghamton and takes all courses here would normally have 3 courses to be used for the secondary concentration or as electives. Unless a secondary concentration or a minor is selected, these courses will only appear under the appropriate section of Part One.


All Other Coursework

shows all courses not used elsewhere. These would include duplicate courses, courses with a grade of 'F', excess credits and courses not acceptable towards the degree.


Courses in Progress

This section shows your currently registered courses and the grading option for each as of the date the report is run.
To graduate, Parts one, three, four, five, six and both sections of Part two must say 'OK'; The DARS report is available online through BU BRAIN at any time. You are strongly encouraged to generate a new DARS each semester before Advance Registration.

  • Please contact SOM Advising with the report if you have any questions.
  • 'Don't wait!' Get problems resolved as soon as you discover them.

Last Updated: 1/15/14