In-class Note Taker Recruitment Process

Note taker services must be available to students who require them as early as possible in the semester and we appreciate your partnership and assistance in facilitating the recruitment process for authorized students enrolled in your courses.

• Students authorized for Note Taker Services are responsible for obtaining "Note Taker Recruitment Announcements" from SSD and for bringing them to their professors.

• If a student in your class gives you such an announcement, we ask that you read it aloud at the beginning of your class or incorporate it into a Blackboard announcement if you use that platform. The announcement includes a provision for students to signup to apply as note takers. An electronic announcement would require a similar response mechanism.

• Please remember that the student's identity and disability should not be divulged. The student will take full responsibility for picking up the Announcement/Sign-up Sheet from you or for monitoring electronic signups and for contacting those classmates who expressed interest in the position.

• From time to time, students may ask your opinion on the notes being provided to them by the hired notetaker. We appreciate your honest feedback and advice as they seek to insure they have effective access to the material you present.

Last Updated: 8/21/14