Responsibilities & Resources for Faculty Implementation of SSD-Authorized Test Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students seeking testing accommodations based on a disability-related need for equal access are expected to provide you with a current Academic Accommodation Authorization memo, printed on Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) letterhead and signed by the Director and/or Learning Disabilities Specialist. The following information is provided to assist you in implementing the exam accommodations for which students have been authorized. The University Policy on the Determination & Authorization of Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities at Binghamton University, and additional information regarding student, faculty and staff rights and responsibilities in the process is available.

Arranging for Alternate Testing Sites:

  • If a student's SSD authorization includes extended time in which to complete exams and/or quizzes, you will need to identify a quiet, undisturbed location in which the student can begin your exam early or continue working on your exam after class.
  • Students whose SSD-authorized accommodations include "a reduced-distraction test site" will require an alternate test site in a quiet, undisturbed location for the entire exam time.
  • Appropriate testing locations can be identified and reserved through your department or through the campus room reservation website:
  • Test proctoring, and the availability of someone who is able to respond to appropriate questions from the student, is the responsibility of the instructor and academic department.

Reserving Laptop Computers from SSD:

If a student's disability involves the inability to effectively read and/or handwrite exam questions and responses, the authorization may include access to a computer and word processing program equipped with print enlargement, screen reader, or voice recognition technology. Laptops for this purpose may be reserved from Services for Students with Disabilities by contacting Mrs. Carol Hall, SSD's Assistant Director, at 777-2686 or, five days in advance of the scheduled exam.

Implementing Exam Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

  • Since SSD has only a few laptops available, professors, teaching assistants and/or departmental personnel should pick up and return previously reserved laptops the same day as the exam.

    To accommodate early morning exams, they may be picked up the afternoon before the exam.

    To accommodate evening exams, they may be returned the following morning.
  • SSD laptop computers do NOT have Internet Access.
  • Due to our commitment to academic integrity and concern for laptop security, SSD-registered students authorized for such accommodations are not permitted to pick up SSD laptops themselves.

Providing Your Exam in a Format Compatible with Adaptive Technology:

  • If a student's disability-related needs involve the use of a computer with adaptive technology that enlarges or reads aloud the printed text of your exam, you will need to save a copy of the exam on a flash drive in Microsoft Word.
  • After having arranged to borrow a laptop computer from SSD, please make the flash drive available to the student on the day of the exam. If the student is taking the exam with the rest of the class, he or she will use a headset to listen to the questions without disturbing the other test-takers.
  • Students who need to use the computer to type their answers will enter their responses directly on the Microsoft copy of the test.
  • Students who need to use adaptive technology to dictate their answers to the computer should be tested in a separate location from other test-takers.
  • For assistance in arranging for Braille formatting of exams please contact Mrs. Carol Hall, Assistant Director of SSD, at 607-777-2686 or mail to: five days prior to your scheduled exam.
  • For assistance in arranging for human readers and/or scribes for material involving mathematics, symbols, equations or graphs, please contact Mrs. Carol Hall, Assistant Director of SSD, five days prior to your scheduled exam.


Thank you for your partnership in providing the academic accommodations that insure equal access for students with disabilities and for your caring support of student learning. Please feel free to contact me at any time.



Last Updated: 8/21/14