You're expected to have questions. To make it easier for you, the FAQ section below has answers for you as a current student of our undergraduate program. After you read the FAQs below, if your questions are not answered, please contact us.  

Can I take a graduate course while I am an undergraduate student?

Undergraduate students who are within eight credits of graduation may register up to two graduate-level courses and receive graduate credit, provided the graduate courses are not used to meet the undergraduate degree requirements. When graduate courses are not taken with the intent of fulfilling undergraduate requirements, such graduate hours do not count toward full-time status for financial aid purposes.

To receive graduate credit for such courses, the undergraduate student must complete the Petition to Receive Graduate Credits as an Undergraduate form (available from the Registrar or the Graduate School). This form is then filed with the Registrar and the Student Accounts Office before registration.

While graduate courses taken by undergraduates (and not used to meet undergraduate degree requirements) will appear on the undergraduate transcript, these courses are not counted toward the undergraduate degree or used in the calculation of the final GPA. The credits may be counted toward the graduate degree.

An exception to these policies is made for undergraduate students admitted to combined bachelors/masters degree programs.

Last Updated: 8/8/16