How to Access 1098T Information

Tax Incentives are available for students and their parents. To find out more about the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit visit the IRS web site. The Department of Education also maintains some good content in this area.

IRS Form 1098T Tuition Statement

The student 1098T information is available at (UserID and Password required).

To view your 1098-T tax document:

1. Visit:
2. Sign on with username and password
3. Click on "BU Brain", the first yellow circle at the top of the page
4. Click on "Student"
5. Click on "Student Accounts Menu"
6. Click on "1098-T Tax Notification Form" link

1098T Form Information
  • Box 1 - Payments Received. This box intentionally left blank
  • Box 2 - Amounts billed for qualified tuition and fees
  • This box includes amounts that were billed by the College during calendar year. For most students, this will include the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter semesters.  (The Winter semester is billed during the previous calendar year)
  • Box 5 - Scholarships or Grants
  • This box includes payments of qualified grants and scholarships during the calendar year.
Federal School Code: 002836

**For 1098T statement requests prior to the 2015 tax year please contact the Student Accounts office at or 607-777-2702.**

Last Updated: 11/29/16