Mission Statement

The Office of Student Accounts mission is to accurately bill, collect and administer student accounts as well as disburse financial aid funds in a fiduciary responsible manner in support of the educational and customer service mission of the University.

Our goal is to provide the highest service available by employing all available resources in the delivery of services to our customers while observing State Federal and Campus Internal Controls requirements. Knowledgeable staff will provide these services in a professional and considerate manner. We provide automated services in a 24/7 environment that allows for business operations to expand beyond the normal workday.

The Office of Student Accounts manages all student payments, departmental deposits and the processing of student refunds from all sources. We are located in the Admission Center, Room 101.


When contacting our office please keep in mind that federal regulations and student privacy protection policies prohibit us from giving detailed information to callers who do not:

1. have the University ID (B#) for the student

2. is not the student nor an "Authorized Payer"

Also, for the student's protection only general process and policy information will be sent over email.

Last Updated: 8/28/15