How To Add an Authorized Payer

Please note: The illustrations below are SAMPLE screenshots.  The screenshots do not have active links. You cannot accomplish submitting the waiver by clicking on the pictures.

Access the BU Brain by signing in to the portal at

To login use: "User ID" (is the first part of the BU email address) and "Password" (the password you used when creating your Binghamton University Computer Account)

CAS Login

Once you arrive at the home page for My Binghamton Portal, click on the “QuikPAY” icon in the top row on the right

For added security you will be asked to login again.  Once in the QuikPAY account click on the “Authorize Payers” link on the menu on the left.


Click on “Add Payer” on the right



Follow the directions and click “Add”. Please NOTE the Login Name and Password are case sensitive.  The password you entered on this screen is your Authorized Payer's TEMPORARY password.  This temporary password will NOT be emailed to anyone, please let the Authorize Payer know what you entered. 

The Authorized Payer will receive an email notifying them when they have access, the user name you selected and a link to sign in (Helpful Hint: they should save this link in their “Favorites” or “Bookmarks”).   When the Authorized Payer logs in for the first time, they will be asked to change the (Temporary) password you entered to one of their choice. 

Authorized Payers will now receive E-Bill notification emails every time a statement is generated.


Last Updated: 11/29/16