How to Sign Up for Direct Deposit for Student Refunds

Please note: The illustrations below are SAMPLE screenshots.  The screenshots do not have active links. You cannot accomplish signing up for direct deposit by clicking on the pictures.

Access the BU Brain by signing in to the portal at

To login use: "User ID" (is the first part of the BU email address) and "Password" (the password you used when creating your Binghamton University Computer Account)

CAS Login

1. Visit:
2. Sign on with username and password
3. Click on "BU Brain", the first yellow circle at the top of the page
4. Click on "Student"
5. Click on "Student Accounts Menu"
6. Click on "Student Accounts Direct Deposit Authorization" link

You will then start updating your banking information on the following page; first enter the routing number for your bank. (This number normally appears on your checks before the account number.)


Next, verify that the name of your bank appears correctly. Then select the type of account; checking or savings and enter your account number.


Once you click "Submit" the transaction is complete and you will receive the next message


Last Updated: 11/29/16