How to Change Your Resident Meal plan (NOT commuter plan)

You can now change your resident meal plan on-line via the BU Brain before the new term begins through the first two weeks of a term.

Please note: The illustrations below are SAMPLE screenshots.  The screenshots do not have active links. You cannot change your meal plan by clicking on the pictures below.

1. Visit:
2. Sign on with username and password
3. Click on "BU Brain", the first yellow circle at the top of the page
4. Click on "Student"
5. Click on "Student Accounts Menu"
6. Click on "Change Resident Meal Plan" link

Your current meal plan will be displayed in the next window


Click "Next Page" to change your Resident Meal Plan choose one by clicking on one of the circles and then click on "Update my resident meal plan" button


You will then receive a confirmation of your change and you can exit by clicking on the "Return to Menu" button


Last Updated: 11/29/16