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Student Affairs — Dean of Students

Office of the Dean of Students

April Thompson, Dean of Students
Morgan Appel, Parent and Family Programs Coordinator
University Union West 205, 7-2804

The Office of the Dean of Students is a primary and central point of contact for Binghamton University students, parents, faculty and staff. Our office staff is committed to helping students use the wide range of University services and programs available that support student success. Critical functions and program areas include parent and family programs; services for students who live off campus; advising and program development for student leaders and groups; the Office of Student Conduct, which helps students better understand responsible student behavior; multicultural student group development and programming; and support for students and leaders involved in fraternities and sororities and campus activities.

The Dean and staff assist students when special advocacy is needed. The office is also a central point of contact when there is an emergency or crisis situation. Students are welcome to call or write for assistance.

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Campus Activities

Jennifer Keegin, Associate Director
University Union West 208C, 7-2811

Jeremy Bowker, Program Coordinator
University Union West, 208E, 7-2812

The goal of Campus Activities is to provide service and support for students as individuals and in organizations. The staff offers advising and support services for students developing, planning and executing a well-balanced, campus-wide program of co-curricular activities, including: Late Nite Binghamton, Welcome Back Weekend, University Fest, Homecoming, Family Weekend, and Spring Fling.

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Student Organizations

There’s a place for everyone in Binghamton’s student organizations. The many chartered organizations and Greek groups range from pre-professional groups to club sports; from cultural, social, ethnic and religious clubs to music, dance and entertainment groups. Along the way are media and political organizations, business and service organizations, and professional co-ed fraternities. These organizations offer activities in addition to those sponsored by the residence areas, theDepartment of Campus Recreational Services and the religious organizations.

The Student Association is the undergraduate government organization at Binghamton. Students become members the day they enroll at the University. The SA allocates the student activity fee to the student organizations and serves as an advocate on student issues with the University administration. The Student Assembly is the legislative body of the SA, which sets policy and approves organizational budgets. Members are elected by popular vote from each of the residence halls and from Off Campus College.

For more information on specific student organizations, contact the Campus Activities Office, University Union West, room 208-C, 7-2811.

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Campus Ministries

Religious Advisers Office
University Union 218, 7-2262

Even though Binghamton University doesn’t have an official house of worship, religious life abounds. The University Union lobby at noon, when tables displaying various kinds of religious materials are almost always to be found, demonstrates the vitality and diversity of the many available opportunities to learn and practice your faith.

The Roman Catholic community comes together as the Catholic Students/ Newman Association. Retreats, educational programs, Bible studies, field trips and community dinners are offered. A full-time adviser/chaplain is available as a pastoral counselor.

At Newman House, 400 Murray Hill Rd. (798-7202), easily reached by footpath from Newing College, Mass is offered on Sundays at 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Newman House is open to all students from mid-morning to late at night for prayer, studying, meetings, counseling sessions with the chaplain or socializing. Jewish students are welcomed at local synagogues and are served by three campus organizations:

Protestant students, whatever their denomination, have several opportunities for counseling, worship, Bible study, retreats and other activities. Among the campus organizations are Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Campus Bible Fellowship, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Korean American Christian Fellowship. Students are also welcome in the many Protestant churches throughout the Triple Cities area.

Islamic students are served by the Muslim Student Association, which strives to meet the needs of the Muslim student population and the surrounding Muslim community. Activities include formal and informal discussion, speakers, a radio show, tabling in the University Union and an Islamic Awareness Day.

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Multicultural Resource Center (MRC)

Nicole Sirju-Johnson, Director
University Union West 204, 7-4472

The Multicultural Resource Center serves as a primary resource for the coordination of Binghamton University’s multicultural initiatives in order to promote intercultural awareness, understanding, and meaningful inter-group interaction at Binghamton University. The MRC at Binghamton University defines “multicultural” in a broad and inclusive context so as to recognize and value all people whatever their physical ability, class, ethnic background, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

The MRC’s mission of outreach, support and collaboration is supported through the following actions:

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Off Campus College (OCC)

David Husch, Director
University Union West 204, 7-2768

Off Campus College (OCC) primarily serves the needs of the more than 7,000 students who live off campus by providing a wide range of services, including off- campus housing assistance, the Good Neighbor Program and Fraternity/Sorority Affairs. The OCC Council, a student-run organization, offers a landlord survey and free weekly legal clinics. OCC Transport (OCCT), the campus bus system, is located in University Union West, room 154. Some details:

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Off Campus College Transport (OCCT)

University Union 154, 607-777-6989

OCC Transport is Binghamton University’s student-operated and -managed bus service. OCCT’s services are free for all students and staff, and runs seven days a week while classes are in session. Students and staff may use the OCCT bus service to commute from off-campus to class, shopping, and to travel to local businesses and services. Student groups and University departments may request charters through OCCT for special events or trips. OCCT is funded through student fees, and transports over 200,000 students every year (many more than once!).

OCC Transport has had an outstanding safety and performance record since it first started in 1971. Because the service relies on student employees to operate its buses, it is always looking for students interested in enrolling in the paid training program. The training program typically lasts for 8 weeks each semester (including summer), and teaches trainees the skills of operating a 12-ton bus, basic maintenance skills, and all of OCCT’s routes and stops in the Triple Cities area. Once a student successfully completes the training program, students are hired at competitive starting wages, with opportunities for promotion to management positions. Freshman and sophomore students are encouraged to apply. One year of active licensed driving experience and a clean driving record is required.

Routes are designed according to student housing locations and operate around class schedules and vacations. Late-night buses (12-4 a.m.) on Friday and Saturday nights accommodate students attending various activities on or off-campus. Schedules of bus routes are available each semester in the OCCT office, on the buses, at the student manager’s desk in the University Union, or on our website,

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Office of Student Conduct

Milton D. Chester, Associate Dean of Students and Director
Tuscarora Office Building 3M, 7-6210

As part of its educational mission, the Office of Student Conduct has overall responsibility for the campus-wide student conduct system, including advising students of their rights, protection guarantees and responsibilities as members of the campus community. The office resolves alleged violations of the University's Code of Student Conduct or refers cases to the appropriate hearing body. The office also oversees the selection and training of the Student Conduct Board, the student/administrator hearing body.

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Fraternity and Sorority Life

L.C. Coghill, Director
University Union West 205, 7-2797

Binghamton University has seven councils within this area: Asian Greek Council, Interfraternity Council, Latino Greek Council, Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Professional Fraternity Council and the Multicultural Council.

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Last Updated: 8/14/13