Fall 2016 SSS Events

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EOP / SSS Mixer!
EOP / SSS Mixer
Thursday, 9/15 | 6:30 to 8 pm | UU Undergrounds

Come join us as we mingle with EOP and have food, snacks, music, trivia, and prizes!

Apartment HuntingWe're on the Hunt... For Apartments!
Wednesday, 9/28 | 4:30 pm | UU 103

Considering living off campus next year or at some point in the future? If so, then this workshop is for you! We'll be discussing the ins and outs of finding off-campus housing, and provide you with lots of helpful hints for finding the apartment that's right for you. We'll also help you understand what your rights are as a tenant, and discuss the dreaded necessity of the lease.

Apple PickingApple Picking
Friday, 10/7 | Bus leaves at 4 pm | @ Russel Farm

SSS is taking a trip to a nearby apple orchard to go apple picking and experience some truly local food. There are usually a few other attractions to check out at the farm as well, so bring some friends and have a great time!

Cultural CompetencySSS Building Bridges to Cultural Competency, Phase 2
Wednesday, 10/19 | 6 to 8 pm | UU 209

Expanding upon the concepts from Building Bridges to Cultural Competency Phase 1, this workshop will provide participants with tools that allow for a deeper reflection about our own personal socialization within institutions that impact our experiences and worldview. Explore the impact of privilege and oppression on how we interact with others, how we can create avenues of access and/or create barriers. In addition further develop mechanisms for individuals to become change agents which can shift attitudes about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Corn MaizeCorn MAiZE
Friday, 10/21 | Bus leaves at 7 pm | @ Stoughton Farm

Each year SSS tries to take a field trip out to a nearby farm to give our students a trule novel experience. The Corn Maze is an experience not to be missed. Have fun getting lost and finding your way again inside this corn field that has been turned into a giant maze. It's always more fun with friends! Space is limited, first come first served, sign up will be sent via SSS listserv, $5 deposit required and will be returned when they get on the bus

Game NightSSS Game Night
Tuesday, 10/25 | 5 to 10 pm | SSS Office (UU 256)

Stretch your cultural awareness just a little bit through modern games with non-western themes (i.e. Alhambra, Tsuro, Five Tribes) or through traditional non-western games (i.e. Go, Hanafuda). If you're not an adventurous gamer, there will also be a small selection of familiar games, and there’s always a couple decks of cards.

SSS Service Day
Wednesday, 10/26 | Time TBD | Meet up Location TBD

Volunteer with Safe Streets, a neighborhood organization serving the North of Main Street neighborhood in Binghamton. We will be lending a helping hand at their Fall Festival! Email Ashlee Prewitt (SSS Graduate Assistant) at aprewit1@binghamton.edu to sign up!

Tuesday, 11/1 | 3 to 4 pm | UU 111

Come take part in 2 thought-provoking and engaging activities. First, get randomly divided and defend opinions that you may not necessarily agree with. Second, get the opportunity to either tell your opinion on any topic you like, or ask questions to better understand someone else’s position.

SSS Silent Film5th Annual SSSilent Film Series
Wednesday, 11/9 | 6:30 pm | LH 7

Join us as we embark upon a dark journey into black and white film. Silent film historian Kevin Brownlow, calls The Cheat “one of the most sensational films of the early cinema,” ​while Thomas Doherty​, Professor and ​C​hair of the American Studies Program at Brandeis University​, says, "​no wonder: ​the plot traffics in interracial coupling, sadomasochistic desire, and lynch-mob anarchy​."

All are welcome to view this ground-breaking, thought-provoking film, and join us in an open dialogue about the Other and villianhood following the screening. Popcorn, soda, and other movie treats will be provided!

SSS PotluckThankSSSgiving Potluck
Thursday, 11/17 | 6 to 7 pm | SSS Office (UU 256)

Join us as we celebrate Thanksgiving and express our gratitude towards one another! Staff will bring a variety of dishes; any food or supplies you can contribute to the potluck is greatly appreciated

How to be an AllyHow to be an Ally
Tuesday, 11/29 | 5:30 pm | UU 206

How to be an Ally allows us to understand what an Ally is, and our role in being an Ally to various oppressed groups. The group will discuss how to be an Ally, and the importance of challenging peers in privileged groups.

Paint and SSSip
Wednesday, 12/7 | 7 to 9 pm | UUW 324

Let's de-stress before finals week! Take a break from studying to relax by painting whatever your heart desires. Acrylic paint, paint brushes, cardstock, and a limited number of canvases will be provided along with root beer floats!



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