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SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines
Research and Scholarly Developments in Progressing Toward an Energy-Smart New York

SUNY and an Energy-Smart New York has been identified as one of the Six Big Ideas in the Strategic Plan of the State University of New York. Research, development and deployment of smart-energy technologies remain of vital interest to the future of New York state, the country and the world. SUNY and Binghamton University have established themselves as leaders in the development of innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency at all levels, from chip manufacturing to building materials, to the New York state energy grid and energy efficiency. Significant research is being done at numerous campuses across the SUNY system, with collaborators from other universities, industry members and the government. On the Binghamton campus, these efforts are being focused through strategic investment in facilities, new faculty and the creation of a steering committee for Smart Energy, one of five Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence defined in our strategic Road Map.

Registration is now open for a SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines to be held in Binghamton to examine the state of research, development and deployment of energy-smart technologies throughout SUNY and New York state. It will facilitate the exchange of information among SUNY faculty, industry and government representatives to promote collaboration and identify best practices as we progress toward an energy-smart New York. We are seeking abstracts for individual or panel presentations and posters for the breakout sessions listed above. Presentations should be 20 minutes, 5 minutes for questions.

The CID will begin Monday evening, March 31, 2014, with a reception followed by an opening address titled "Where is Smart-Energy Today?"

The meeting will continue Tuesday, April 1, 2014, with three plenary sessions:

  1. Smart-Energy in Higher Education and Research
  2. New York State Energy Policy
  3. NSF Innovation Programs

The first two plenary sessions will be followed by breakout sessions, each with three tracks, in the areas of:

  1. Energy Storage
  2. Energy Generation
  3. Energy Efficiency

Morning breakout sessions will focus on smart-energy research while afternoon sessions will focus on smart-energy applications. 

The day will conclude with a reception and poster event Tuesday evening. A special networking event for junior faculty will be held on Tuesday during lunch. Come meet and network with your SUNY colleagues involved in various aspects of an Energy-Smart New York! Registration and hotel information along with a draft agenda can be found online.

Please make your hotel reservations by Friday, March 14, in order to secure our discounted conference rate.

In addition, Binghamton University is offering a Proposal Writing Workshop prior to the start of the CID. Space for this workshop is limited to the first 50 registrants. Find details and registration information here.

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