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Rod Serling's 'The Twilight Zone'

Original TV series by Rod Serling, theatricalized and directed by Elizabeth Mozer

Watters Theater - Fine Arts Building

A cast of students from Binghamton university and the local community bring 2 scripts from 'The Twilight Zone' series to life: 'The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street' and 'Dust'. Stay tuned for more interviews and behind the scenes of this exciting production! For those who aren't familiar with the episodes......'Monsters' examines a sudo-1950's suburbia neighborhood - where everyday life has been shocked to a halt! No one knows what or who is leaving them all 'in the dark', whether it's aliens or some mysterious neighbor, SOMEONE or SOMETHING is to blame......'Dust' is set in a turn of the century dustball town where a soft-hearted young man committed an accidental yet unforgivable crime. Redemption is but a dim light in the background - but whose to say miracles and forgiveness won't reign over greed and hopelessness.

Special Dates:
February 18: Lawrence Kassan (Founder & Director of the Rod Serling Video Festival) give a lecture on the life and legacy of Rod Serling.
7 pm, Gruber Theatre/Studio B, Fine Arts
March 13-14: Special matinee performances for local schools followed by a talk-back with director, cast and crew of the production.
March 16: Following the 2 pm performance, director and company will be joined by Anne Serling, author of 'As I Knew Him, My Dad Rod Serling' and Lawrence Kassan for a talk back with the audience.

This production is presented with permission from the Serling Family Estate. 

Don't Miss it!!

* 8 pm March 7, 8, 14, 15
* 2 pm March 16
* Location: Watters Theater - Fine Arts Building

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The 'Meet & Greet' of the Twilight Zone cast!

* General Admission - $14    * Faculty/staff/senior - $12    * Students - $8

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Last Updated: 2/27/14