All faculty should archive their courses in Blackboard after each semester.

New Features:


Faculty Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions, Guide, and Getting Help

Policies and Procedures

Binghamton University has certain policies and procedures for working with Blackboard; the following resources will help familiarize you with how to add/remove users from your Blackboard course, enable guest access and archiving/preparing your courses for a new semester.

Navigating Blackboard

Before you begin to work with Blackboard, we suggest that you review the following basic resources for getting accustomed to the Blackboard environment.

Building Courses

The following resources will help you to begin creating content in your Blackboard course. Please note that there are other course-build resources under this section based on tool use.


Communication and Collaboration

These resources will help you to build communication and collaboration in your Blackboard course. Remember, communication and collaboration are important to building an online class community and learning environment.



Blackboard has many tools that can help you to assess your students learning. The following resources will provide you with an overview of some of these tools: creating tests, creating assignments with Blackboard’s Assignment tool and Turnitin.


Managing Grades & Evaluating Student Success

The following resources will help you get accustomed to Blackboard Grade Center as well as some methods of evaluating submitted Blackboard Assignments and Turnitin Assignments. You may also view one Blackboard feature that helps you to gauge student success and retention: The Retention Center.

Last Updated: 8/30/16