Grade Center


Before you begin working with Blackboard’s Grade Center, you should first get used to the interface. The following resource will provide you with a good overview of the Grade Center.

Setting up Your Grade Center

The best approach to setting up your Grade Center is to think about how you want to use it: to record assignment grades, to receive assignment submissions and record grades, to calculate final grades, etc.. If you’d like to have the Grade Center calculate final grades in your course, then think about how you calculate them; most faculty use either a points-based method or a weighted-category method. Blackboard’s Grade Center provides you with tools for both methods.


Entering Grades

The following resources are important to review before you begin entering grades into your course’s Grade Center.

Using the Grade Center

The Grade Center has many features beyond just recording and calculating grades. These resources will show you how to communicate with your students through the Grade Center as well as displaying various column information and statistics.



Blackboard’s Grade Center has other features that help with creating reports for your learners. In addition, the Grade Center has Grade History features that track changes to grades, which can be especially helpful in a large enrollment course where there are many graders.


Last Updated: 6/14/16