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Ashley Serbonich
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Mikhail-Ann Urquhart
Secretary: Mona Zwick


  Fall 2014 Recipients

Michelle Ahearn
Cell & Molecular Biology
Epigenetics in ALS
Faculty Advisor: Lina Begdache

Ian David Anderson
Sequence Selective Recognition of Double Stranded RNA via Triplex-Forming PNA
Faculty Advisor: Eriks Rozners

Paul Barone
Cell & Molecular Biology
Lyme Disease: Off-Campus Reservoir Species Infectivity
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Jonathan Bermeo
Cell & Molecular Biology
Prevalence of the human variant of Anaplasma in Ixodes scapularis
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Gregg Blumberg
Determining the prevalence of Lyme disease pathogen in Ixodes scapularis vectors on the Binghamton University Campus
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Brandon Bordeau
Protein-Drug Conjugation
Faculty Advisor: Brian Callahan

Donovan Borger
Mobius Strip: A Study of Character of Annular Movement
Faculty Advisor: Alexi Zentner

Kelly Cartwright
Flexible Sensors
Faculty Advisor: Chuan-Jian Zhong

Amanda Ceravolo
Biochemistry & Integrative Neuroscience
Characterization of Select Nucleoporins and their Role in Mitosis
Faculty Advisor: Sozanne Solmaz

Lindy Chiu
Biology and Studio Art
Tick Densities in Fragmented Ecosystems
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Emily Chiu
History, French Language and Linguistics
Chinese Massacre of 1981/Rock Springs Massacre in 1885: An Analysis of
the Massacres and there aftermaths.
Faculty Advisor: John Cheng

Jillian Christophel
Rodent density as a predictor of Lyme disease risk
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Nico Cicchetti
Integrative Neuroscience
Evaluating genospecies of the Lyme disease spirochete
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Rebecca Conrad
Relationship between Off-Campus Partying, Disturbed Eating Behaviors, and Social Physique Anxiety
Faculty Advisor: Richard Mattson

Thomas Cummings
Environmental Geology
High Temperature-Pressure formation of the expandable phyllosilcate Smectite
Faculty Advisor: David Jenkins

Harrison Dulin
Population genetic relationships to geography and language in New Guinea
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey (Koji) Lum

Dorothy Farrell
Environmental Studies
Native Pollinators
Faculty Advisor: Julian Shepherd

Leah Ferentinos
English and Cinema
Community mobilization of a small town during the AIDS epidemic
Faculty Advisor: Dara Silberstein

William Ferrante
Cell & Molecular Biology & Studio Art
The effect of ROCK on TNF-induced CXCL8 secretion by moving and non-moving colon epithelial cells
Faculty Advisor: Dennis McGee

Eric Gershon
Cell & Molecular Biology
Photoaffinity Labeling of Microtubule Associated Proteins in live cells
Faculty Advisor: Susan Bane

Fuseina Gimballa
Virus-induced Gene Silencing
Faculty Advisor: James Sobel

Marcella Green
English and Studio Art
Between Scylla and Charybdis
Faculty Advisor: Costa Sakellariou

Alexandria Hammond
Cell & Molecular Biology
Testing dog bloods for the presence of Borrelia burgdorgeri
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Rebecca Marie Irwin
Weight Bearing Measurement Device
Faculty Advisor: Margaret Decker

Sharder Islam
Psychology & Philosophy
Mindfulness & Automaticity
Faculty Advisor: Deanne Westerman

David Johnston
Geologic Modeling with a 3d Printer
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Pietras

Khadija Jones
Evaluation of the clinical risk of Lyme disease through survey administration
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Navdep Kaur
Cell & Molecular Biology
Development of a risk model of contracting Lyme disease
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Graham Kilduff
Geomicrobial Processing of Antimony and Arsenic
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Culp

Eunjoo Kim
Synthetic Effect Study on Rational Alloy Nanocatalysts for Low Temperature CO Oxidation Reactions
Faculty Advisor: Chuan-Jian Zhong

Seun Ku Kim
Synthesis of Palladium Alloy Nanocatalysts for Fuel Cells
Faculty Advisor: Chuan-Jian Zhong

Masakazu Kurihara
Individualized Major-Cross Media Arts
Who Creates Art?
Faculty Advisor: Tomonari Nishikawa

Anthony Leighton
Evaluations of the Contributions of Deer to the Spread of Lyme Disease
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Adam Lepkowsky
Cell & Molecular Biology
A New Click Reaction Through Boron Containing Heterocycles
Faculty Advisor: Susan Bane

Sarah Loud
New Guinea Genographic Project
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey (Koji) Lum

Krista Mauro
Linguistic and Genetic Distances in New Guinea
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey (Koji) Lum

Adrianna Maliga
Biochemistry & Spanish
The presence of Ehrlichia in lxodes scapularis from deer
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Caitlin Malone
Integrative Neuroscience
Dissecting mice: screening tissues for Borrelia
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Avraham Mamenko
Differential gene expression identities ecological factors of the origin species in monkeyflowers.
Faculty Advisor: James Sobel

Christopher Manahan
Protein A/antibody LOD of functionalized bioassemblies
Faculty Advisor: Chuan-Jian Zhong

Matthew McAuliffe
Integrative Neuroscience & Classics
Lyme Disease Reservoir Host Diversity in Different Ecologies
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Gavin McClelland
Biology & Environmental Studies
Overpopulation of Whitetail Deer at Binghamton University
Faculty Advisor: Robert Holahan

Jonathan Michelson
Electrical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Ron Miles

Dana Mirro
Differential gene expression used to identify ecological factors of the origin species in Mimulus.
Faculty Advisor: James Sobel

Deborah Paul
Integrative Neuroscience & Spanish
Transgenerational Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Sensitivity to Ethanol in Females, and GABA-A a1 Receptor Expression
Faculty Advisor: Nicole Cameron

Emily Ragusa
Integrative Neuroscience
Risk behaviors in the Southern Tier for contracting Lyme disease compared to the Hudson Valley
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

John Rosser
Industrial and Systems Engineering
3D Printing in the Geosciences
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Greene

Anjan Saha
Lyme Disease Reservoir Host Densities in Differing Ecologies
Faculty Advisor: Ralph Garruto

Christian Salazar
Gold nanoparticles as biosensors
Faculty Advisor: Chuan-Jian Zhong

Susy Margarita Sanchez
The Moisturizing Ability of High Molecular Weight Biological Polymers
Faculty Advisor: Guy German

Emily Saso
English: Creative Writing
English Honors Senior Thesis
Faculty Advisor: Alexi Zentner

Nicole Schindel
Americans in Paris in the 1920s
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Ortiz

Zara Shah
Biochemistry & Biological Anthropology
Mimulus norissi Hybrid Crosses
Faculty Advisor: James Sobel

Susan Nichole Sincerbox
Biological Anthropology
Microbial Diversity Associated with Nahcolite and Trona of the Magadi Basin
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey (Koji) Lum

Randall Swyers
Integrative Neuroscience
Cytotoxicity and Assessment of Bioorthogonal Compounds
Faculty Advisor: Susan Bane

Ethan Van Raalte
Geology/Environmental Science
Geochemical Analysis of Magadi Basin Brine Evolution
Faculty Advisor: Tim Lowenstein

Isaac Vingan
Integrative Neuroscience
Candidate genes for ecologically relevant traits in Mimulus
Faculty Advisor: James Sobel

Joseph Visone
Vehicular Traffic Impact on Microbial Metal Cycling
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Culp

Brody Wiles
Examining the effect of IL-26 on the production of chemokines by intestinal epithelial cells
Faculty Advisor: Dennis McGee

Mindy Wong
Exposure to Media Violence and Gender as Factors of Change in the Perception of Intimate Partner Violence
Faculty Advisor: Richard Mattson

Alice Wu
DNA Optimization of Nanoparticle Detection
Faculty Advisor: Chuan-Jian Zhong



Undergraduate Award to Support Research and Creative Work

Sponsored by the Binghamton Foundation and the Binghamton University Colleges

The Undergraduate Award to Support Research and Creative Work is designed to support the expenses for students' independent research or creative work. To qualify, your project must be supervised by a Binghamton University faculty member, and be receiving Binghamton University independent study credit or honors thesis credit. (Exceptions may be granted if a student has exceeded the maximum number of thesis or independent study credits allowed by his or her college.)

Funding is competitive and award amounts vary. The maximum award is $300. Funds may be used for postage, purchase of necessary materials, limited travel for research purposes, or other modest costs incurred in the course of the project. Funds may not be used to support the cost of producing a senior thesis (photocopy and binding); other printing or photocopying costs require strong justification. Funds may not be used for costs associated with attending a conference.

Eligibility: Undergraduates from all Binghamton University schools and colleges are eligible. Preference will be given to students who do not have access to support through faculty research grants, who have not already received an Undergraduate Research Award, to those completing senior theses, and to upper-level students.

Benefits: Amounts vary; limited resources are available. The maximum award is $300. Funds may be used for postage, purchase of necessary materials, limited travel for research purposes, or other modest costs incurred in the course of the project. Funds may not be used to support the cost of producing a senior thesis (photocopy and binding); other printing or photocopying costs require strong justification. Funds may not be used for costs associated with attending a conference.

Application Process: Students submit an application form that includes a description of the project and a project budget. An explanation of the relationship of the budget to the project should be included. (If it is not possible to explain the need for specific items on the form, a student may email an additional spreadsheet to the Undergraduate Research Center,

Procedures: The Selection Committee reviews applications. Projects that involve vertebrate animals or individual people as subjects must receive approval from the IUCUC or HSRRC before funds will be dispersed.  

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted in the fall and spring terms. The deadline for applications for the fall and subsequent spring semester is in early October; the deadline for funding for the spring and subsequent fall semester is in early March.

Spring 2015 Deadline: TBD

CLICK HERE to access the application form.



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