Reservation Guidelines 

Reservations may only be made by S.A. chartered organizations, University recognized Greek groups, or Faculty/Staff.  Each student organization can select only one person to be their contact.  Space may be requested by visiting R25 Union.

Reservations are granted on a first come, first served basis and the following rules apply:

  • Requests require a 24 hour turn-around time.  Reservations are processed 11am - 5pm, Monday through Friday during the Academic year.  Anything submitted after 5pm on Friday will not be seen before 11am on the following Monday.
  • No outside food/beverages may be brought into reserved facilities without written permission from Sodexo’s catering office. Pot Luck dinners are not allowed on campus per the Board Of Health rules.  You must let us know if you will be serving food.  If your group is caught serving prepared food without first obtaining permission, your group will lose reservation privileges.
  • Each group is responsible for any repair costs for any damage in reserved facilities.
  • Most University Union rooms are kept locked.  Go to appropriate information desk (UU East or UU West) to have the student manager unlock your room for you.  If your event is before Noon on a Weekday, go to the University Union office (UU-W205).
  • Sound equipment requests for University Union rooms must be made through Carl Darling (Assistant Director of the University Union – UU-W205). For Sound equipment in buildings other than the University Union, contact the Educational Communications office (LH-B48).
  • Tables may be reserved in the Tillman Lobby or  Market Place from the hours of Noon – 4pm, Monday – Friday.  For the Market Place, each group can only have one active tabling date with a maximum of one table per week.   Weekly information tables can be booked at the beginning of each semester in the TILLMAN LOBBY ONLY and these tables can only be used for informational purposes (no selling please).  Weeklies are not allowed in the Market Place due to high demand.  If you intend to sell anything at your table, or give any food items away for free, you must notify us when you book the table. Nothing may be sold at an information table. Groups that misrepresent their tabling event (by booking an info table and then attempting to sell something) will lose tabling privileges.  Only one type of sale (ie - Bake sale, Flower sale, Candy sale) is allowed in each tabling area each day so there is no competition for sales between groups.
  • No facility may be reserved by an individual for personal use. Outside organizations may reserve space via the Conference and Event Services office (607-777-6200).
  • Groups may book only one weekly meeting per semester.  Weekly meetings can only be a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Lit candles are not allowed in any University facility.
  • If your confirmation says that you need to speak with Nick Kocan concerning room set ups, make sure you contact him at least 5 work days before the event.  Last minute changes will not be guaranteed and are not appreciated.  If you cancel an event in a large room (Mandela, Old Union Hall, etc) and you fail to tell us your group may be charged a $25 non cancellation fee.
  • If your reservation confirmation states that you need to obtain signatures, failure to obtain those signatures and return your signed form to the UU office will result in the cancellation of your event.
  • The only tape that can be used on the walls in any room in UU East is painter's tape.  All other tapes damage the paint when removed.  If you need to hang anything in UU East, you may purchase a roll of painter's tape from the UU Office (UU-W205).  If you damage any wall in the University Union, your group will be charged a repair fee.
  • It is against fire code to move furniture into hallways.  Anyone caught moving furniture into hallways will lose reservation privileges.  Also, moving furniture between rooms is not permitted.  If there is a problem with your room set up, contact Nick at 777-2818.
  • University Union staff takes care of set ups in University Union rooms only.  If you need a specific set up in any building other than the UU, contact Physical Facilities at 777-2226.
  • Until the add deadline for each semester, the only rooms available to reserve are rooms in the University Union.  Classrooms are not available for student group use until after the class schedule is finalized.  Requests for classrooms may be submitted after the add deadline for the current semester.
  • Dining Halls can be reserved via the Webviewer.
  • No group is allowed to reserve University Facilities for any other group due to liability issues.
  • Before you will be allowed to show a movie on campus, you will need to prove that you have obtained permission to do so.  For information concerning the showing of movies/films, please visit MPLC.


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Last Updated: 10/22/14