Reservation Guidelines 

Reservations are permitted by S.A. chartered organizations, University
recognized student & Greek groups, and Faculty/ Staff.  Space can be requested by visiting the R25 website at  Eligible individuals or groups can request an R25 account by emailing:  

Reservations are granted on a first come, first served basis and the following rules apply:

•Facilities cannot be reserved by an individual for personal use. Non-Binghamton University affiliated organizations may reserve space via the Conference and Event Services office at 607-777-6200.

•Requests require a 24-48 hour turn-around time.  Requests are processed Monday - Friday.  No processing is done on Saturday or Sunday.

• Outside food and beverages is not permitted in reserved facilities without written permission from the Sodexo catering office. Please note: Potluck meals are not permitted at all on campus for health and safety concerns, since there is no way to monitor the cooking of the food. If food is planned for the reservation, requestor must specify details in the "description" area on the on-line reservation form. If a group is found serving food without obtaining the necessary permission, a warning will be issued, followed by loss of reservation privileges for a second offense.

• Each group is responsible for any repair costs for any damage in reserved facilities.

• University Union rooms are kept locked. Group should obtain entry by notifying staff at the appropriate UU Information Desk (UU Tillman Lobby or UU West). If the scheduled reservation is before 12 noon on a weekday, please visit the University Union office at UU-W205.

• Sound equipment requests for University Union rooms must be made through Carl Darling (Assistant Director, UU-W205). For sound equipment in buildings other than the University Union, contact the Educational Communications office (LH-B48).

• Groups planning to sell an item (i.e. baked goods, jewelry, donuts, etc.) at their table MUST SPECIFY so in the "Title" on their tabling request on R25. Nothing may be sold at an information table. Groups that misrepresent their tabling event (by booking an info table and then attempting to sell something) will be given a warning and a second violation will result in a loss of reservation privileges. Only 1 "bake" sale (i.e. cookies, brownies, cupcakes, candy, donuts, other snacks, etc.) is allowed per day and 1 "item" sale (tickets to group sponsored events, clothing, decorations, etc) to prevent direct competition. There can be 1 bake sale and 1 item sale in the Marketplace and 1 of each in the Tillman Lobby. No food items can be given away for free on days that there are bake sales.

• Groups may book one weekly meeting per semester. Weekly meetings can only be a maximum of three hours.

• Lit candles are NOT allowed in any University facility without express consent of the University.

• If your confirmation says that you need to speak with a staff member concerning room set ups, make sure you contact the University Union at least five work days before the event. Last minute changes will not be guaranteed and are not appreciated.

• If your reservation confirmation states that you need to obtain signatures, failure to obtain those signatures and return your signed form to the UU office will result in the cancellation of your event.

• When promoting events, groups are not permitted to hang flyers on walls, windows or scatter across tables or benches. There are designated event bulletin boards throughout the Union, on all floors that are available for event promotion. For large signs, permission must be obtained at the Office of the Dean of Students, UUW205. These posters can be hung over stairwell (by M&T Bank) using painter's tape only. All other tapes damage the paint when removed. If damage is created by using the incorrect tape, the group will be billed a repair fee.

• No group is allowed to move any furniture into the hallways of any building. Furniture in the hallways blocks hallways and is against fire code. Anyone caught moving furniture into hallways will lose reservation privileges.

• University Union staff takes care of set ups in University Union rooms only. If you need a specific set up in any building other than the UU, contact Physical Facilities at 777-2226.

The full list of guidelines can be found below.



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