About the School

With an innovative curriculum and real-world approach, the Watson School at Binghamton University prepares engineering and computer science students to embrace new challenges and create the future.

We offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in eight fields of study, ranging from bioengineering to computer science to mechanical engineering. For students in all programs, the Watson School experience is characterized by a special blend of creative thinking, professional opportunities and a focus on finding solutions to real-world problems.

Located in Binghamton, N.Y., we're ideally situated in the high-tech heart of the state. Industry partnerships, class projects and internship opportunities provide a wealth of hands-on experience for graduate and undergraduate students alike.

Our faculty bring considerable industry and research expertise to the classroom where they mentor their students as individuals in small classes. In the lab, they invite student involvement and make breakthrough discoveries.

Students come to the Watson School from all over the world and represent a wide range of backgrounds and interests. They graduate with broad-based skills and the entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in fields ranging from mechanical engineering to hospital operations to the law.

We're eager to tell you more about the Watson School experience. Contact us for more information, or apply today!

Last Updated: 12/27/14