Active Alert: Classes canceled rest of today and tomorrow

B-ALERT:Due to forecast, all classes effective 4:30pm today Nov 25 are canceled. There will be no classes Wednesday Nov 26. Adjust travel plans accordingly.

Alert updated: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 3:50 PM


We are all about teaching and research. Let our faculty, students and alumni tell our story:

  • Liam Ahern '09, MBA '10, Computer Science
  • Gary Cheung '08, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering
  • Scott Craver, assistant professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering — Looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack
  • David Czarnecki '97, Computer Science — "Hero" engineer
  • Kevin Dartt '08 - A marriage of disciplines brings interactive results
  • Scott Diamond '09, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering
  • Russell Dumornay '99 — Hitting the ground running
  • Richard Eckert, associate professor, Computer Science — Computer scientist fosters international ties
  • Sharon Fellows, assistant director, Engineering Design Division
  • Kathryn Fletcher ’08 — started a company to help put Binghamton on the map
  • Mark Fowler, professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering — Professor's quest for knowledge drives him
  • Jessica Fridrich, PhD '95, professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering — Digital security expert finds hidden messages
  • Kanad Ghose, professor and chair, Computer Science — High-performance computing team makes breakthroughs
  • Kartik Gopalan, assistant professor, Computer Science
  • Patrick Hart '07, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Matthew Hoffman '09, Bioengineering — Tour guide coordinator stays involved
  • Liwei Huang, PhD '12, A quest in materials science
  • Gary James, joint professor, Bioengineering and Nursing — Measuring human response to real-life situations leads to real-world solutions
  • Kishen Kapur, PhD '09, Computer Science — Simple, solid advice from 78-year-old: keep learning
  • Mohammad Khasawneh, professor, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering — Making workplaces safer and more productive
  • Michael Lewis, associate professor, Computer Science — Weaving together computational power
  • Ken McLeod, professor, Bioengineering — Developing the future through research
  • Weiyi Meng, professor, Computer Science
  • Ron Miles, professor, Mechanical Engineering — Help for the hearing impaired
  • Seungbee Park, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering — Mechanical engineer is on the clock
  • Rocco Passionino '91, Computer Science
  • Kelsey Pieper '09, Mechanical Engineering — Award-winning stairs
  • Jordan Peck '06 — Thinking like an engineer
  • Ashley Raba '07 — Where problems are opportunities
  • Bahgat Sammakia, Vice President of Research, Distinguished Professor and Director of S3IP — Uniting research and industry to improve the economy
  • Gregory Stoddard '09 — The beat goes on for scholarship winner
  • Howard Wang, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering — Start-Up Suite boosts faculty entrepreneurs
  • Pete Watson '10, Electrical Engineering — Engineering is a family affair
  • Stephen Zahorian, professor and chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering — Fascination with artificial intelligence fuels research
  • William Ziegler '76, associate professor, Computer Science — Growing up with the department

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