Operating Rules and Procedures


New York State law requires that eye protection MUST be worn at all times.
New York State law requires that all woodworking MUST be done only in the Woodshop at the rear of the Student Shop.
Students are not allowed to work alone in the Student and Wood Shops.
Any and all hazardous chemicals and all flammable materials are not allowed in the Student Shop and Wood Shop.

First aid kit

One kit is located in the center of the shop on the side of the fire hose cabinet. A second kit is located on the side of the shelving unit next to the safety equipment cabinet.


The wall phone is restricted to on-campus calls only.

Emergency phone number

911. Campus phones ring-in to University Police.

Eating and drinking

By order of the Dean, eating and drinking are not allowed in the Student Shop.


Students must clean up their own work area. Clean-up begins one-half hour before closing time.

Personal property stored in the shop

The State of New York and/or the Watson School is not responsible for personal property stored in the shop. Students storing material in the shop do so at their own risk.

Personal and course related items left in the shop longer than two weeks after the spring semester ends will be considered abandoned and disposed of, unless prior arrangements are made with the staff.

Last Updated: 11/26/13