Welcome to the Seymour Kunis Media Core

Welcome to the Seymour Kunis Media Core

Gary Kunis '73 named the Seymour Kunis Media Core in honor of his father with a gift to the Watson School Equipment Endowment.

The Seymour Kunis Media Core provides facilities for research in multimedia, including multimedia security, multimedia forensics, biometrics, steganography and steganalysis, immersive displays, and virtual and augmented reality. 

This core allows researchers to test the security of watermarking and data-hiding algorithms, develop and test new digital forensic techniques, and design novel immersive environments that will shape future trends in human-computer interaction.

Stories from the lab

Researchers Uncover Hidden Messages
Every digital camera leaves a unique, random-looking "fingerprint", a mark that ECE Professor Jessica Fridrich has devoted her research to identifying. Her camera ID technology has already been used abroad, but recently passed the Daubert hearing and can now be used in U.S. courts. | More.

The Face of the Future
Working with a well-established set of six basic emotions — anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise —Associate Professor of Computer Science, Lijun Yin experiments with different ways to allow the computer to distinguish among them. Are there enough data in the way the lines around the eyes change? Could focusing on the user's mouth provide sufficient clues? | More.

Last Updated: 10/26/16