What Can SPIR Do for You?

Organize and manage technology-based projects:

SPIR and Watson School faculty representatives will meet with you to learn more about your needs so that a project team can be assembled to accomplish the work. A formal project proposal is created to clearly state outcomes and a schedule of key events. Periodic checkpoint meetings are called to review progress and address problems.

Provide student and faculty resources:

Every SPIR project has a Faculty Advisor/Mentor assigned to oversee a student selected on the basis of specific skills needed to best perform the project work. The student is generally a "degreed" professional, currently pursuing a Masters or Doctoral level degree.

Perform a wide variety of technology-based work:

Projects typically deal with just about any problem-solving task normally handled by application of engineering, information technology or System Science disciplines. Thermal or vibration/shock testing, manufacturing process definition or tune-up, finite element modeling and analysis (FEM/FEA) and a wide variety of programming and other information technology services are just a few typical SPIR work tasks.

In addition to problem-solving services, SPIR provides resources to assist small company entrepreneurs in developing their unique product or service concept into a "demonstration" or "prototype" level suitable for attracting venture capital or licensing agreements.

Act as an "engineering extension" to your company:

The Watson School SPIR team works best when treated like employees. You should consider us as part of your technology team with a task and schedule that requires our mutual collaboration and cooperation. This works!

Provide project cost-sharing assistance:

SPIR works with you to define an affordable funding arrangement to cover project costs. SPIR can underwrite a significant portion of costs based on company size and financial resources and stability.

Last Updated: 11/26/13