Watson Publications - 2015

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Computer Science

K Gopalan, "MemX: virtualization of cluster-wide memory", US Patent 8,935,506, 2015

Y Zhang, CC Tan, F Xu, H Han, Q Li, "VProof: Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Vehicle Location Proofs", IEEE, 2015

Electrical & Computer Engineering

H Lee, S Choi, "A micro-sized bio-solar cell for self-sustaining power generation", Lab on a Chip 15 (2), 391-398, 2015

A Emrani, PP Rajbhandari, TP Dhakal, CR Westgate, "Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 solar cells fabricated by short-term sulfurization of sputtered Sn/Zn/Cu precursors under an H2S atmosphere", Thin Solid Films, 2015

N Zhou, J Dagle, "Initial Results in Using a Self-Coherence Method for Detecting Sustained Oscillations", IEEE, 2015

Mechanical Engineering

X Chen, L Zhang, M Zheng, C Park, X Wang, C Ke, "Quantitative nanomechanical characterization of the van der Waals interfaces between carbon nanotubes and epoxy", Carbon 82, 214-228, 2015

JB Kwak, S Park, "Integrated hygro-swelling and thermo-mechanical behavior of mold compound for MEMS package during reflow after moisture preconditioning", Microelectronics International 32 (1), 2015

X Yong, "Modeling Stimuli-Responsive Nanoparticle Monolayer", Bulletin of the American Physical Society 60, 2015

Y Liu, G McFarlin, X Yong, O Kuksenok, A Balazs, "Designing thermo-responsive nanocomposites with anti-fouling properties", Bulletin of the American Physical Society 60, 2015

X Yong, O Kuksenok, AC Balazs, "Modeling Free Radical Polymerization Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics", Polymer, 2015

D Wang, I Belharouak, LH Ortega, X Zhang, R Xu, D Zhou, G Zhou, ..., "Synthesis of high capacity cathodes for lithium-ion batteries by morphology-tailored hydroxide co-precipitation", Journal of Power Sources 274, 451-457, 2015

Industrial Engineering

CD Wickens, A Sebok, H Li, N Sarter, AM Gacy, "Using Modeling and Simulation to Predict Operator Performance and Automation-Induced Complacency With Robotic Automation A Case Study and Empirical Validation", Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society ..., 2015

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