About WISE

Our Vision

To be an internationally renowned multi-faceted customer focused organization that assists industry in a cost-competitive manner while concurrently enhancing the competitiveness of industry.

Our Mission

To Create and Sustain a Value-Driven Relationship Between Sponsors and Academia.


We are committed to the beliefs, attitudes, and behavior required to achieve our vision. We accept only those assignments that we are fully qualified to perform and deliver on the promises we make. We are aggressive, self-confident and maintain our independence, integrity, and objectivity at all times. We are honest and forthright in all our business dealings and uphold individual confidentiality. We are who we are, because we are a team.


We provide research and development services to map nascent technology to the requirements of seamless global operations in the electronics packaging industry, the health care system and other manufacturing and service-related industries. We strive to capture our exponential learning in order to create the most advanced technological solutions. We work with the best companies and the best technology to take them both to higher levels of excellence. Our ideas are our lifeblood, and we are proud that we have the education, experience and research to take these ideas from concept to implementation.


We focus on people, not tasks, because people create businesses and people make them grow. We are in constant touch with the industries and, therefore, get an opportunity to strike a delicate balance between theory and application. We have access to the most sophisticated equipment and laboratories, which enable us to elevate our technical expertise. We have a wide representation in the electronics packaging industry, the health care system, and other manufacturing and service-related industries.

Our History

In 1990, the Electronics Manufacturing Research and Services (EMRS) group was established. It was later renamed in 2007 to the Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE) to better reflect the group's work and make it easier to expand into other fields.

Last Updated: 11/26/13