How We Work

WISE represents an internationally renowned, multi-faceted, customer-focused organization that assists industry in a cost-competitive manner while concurrently enhancing the competitiveness of industry. We work closely with the sponsor to identify problems that are in their critical path. WISE students and faculty then work together to develop customized solutions to those problems, starting from the conceptual framework to a comprehensive implementation and follow-up analyses. The skill sets used vary from traditional industrial and systems engineering tools to advanced methodologies, and will greatly depend on the nature of the problem.

Research conducted by WISE typically begins with an in-depth analysis of a process or a system, including the interrelationship of different variables that affect the process or system output. The specific tools used in those research projects will range from process mapping techniques, task analysis, data collection, to complex modeling and simulation. Regardless of the techniques used throughout the project, the student-faculty team develops academically rigorous models and ensures that those represent robust industry solutions that result in returns on investment that are up to the sponsors' standards. Follow-up analyses are conducted to ensure successful implementation of the proposed recommendations and solutions.

To facilitate student-faculty-sponsor interactions, we hold regular project review meetings which allows us to respond to dynamic industry changes and make mid-stream adjustments accordingly. With the student's office located at the customer's site, the sponsor is able to utilize an advanced level graduate student (MS or PhD) as a professional employee.



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Research Areas

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Last Updated: 11/26/13