images of several famous foreign landmarks

Study Abroad

The Watson School encourages students to expand their world through study in another country. Study abroad can be done during summer session or during a regular semester with either a SUNY unit or a private institution (either can be part of a Binghamton University Global Studies Minor). In recognition that knowledge is not confined to national boundaries and that international and global cooperation is an imperative of the 21st century, Binghamton University declares its commitment to international and intercultural education, research and service. Through scholarship, the University seeks to advance knowledge of a world that has become culturally, environmentally and economically interdependent. It aspires to provide its members with direct experiences of cultural difference and opportunities for intellectual development that will be valuable for professional and civic leadership in a world community. The steps to follow for both engineering and computer science majors that are interested in study abroad are:

  • Visit the Office of International Programs (LNG 300) to determine which program(s) might be of interest to you.
  • Set up an appointment with the Watson School Advising Office (607-777-6203) to discuss the timing of your study abroad and to plan your courses.
  • Petition your department for pre-approval of those credits.

Last Updated: 2/24/15