General Education Requirements

As part of Binghamton University's Comprehensive General Education (Gen ED) Curriculum, all students must take courses in the following areas of study: aesthetics, composition and oral communication, foreign language, global interdependencies, humanities, laboratory science, mathematics, health and wellness, pluralism in the United States, and social science. Information on individual requirements is provided here. More information is available about Gen Ed online.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about General Education

How do I know if a course meets a Gen Ed requirement?

Gen Ed courses are identified in the Schedule of Classes. To receive Gen Ed credit, a course must be identified with a Gen Ed letter (A , P, G etc) in the semester in which you take it. Gen Ed designations are finalized by the add deadline for each semester.

Can a course fulfill more than one Gen Ed requirement?

Some Gen Ed courses may carry more then one Gen Ed tag (for example, CHP). However, except for C, O or J classes, Gen Ed courses may be used to fulfill only one Gen Ed category. C, O or J courses may be double-counted with one other Gen Ed requirement. Your DARS report will use double-tagged courses in the category in which they are needed; for example, if you take a course designated CNP, you will receive either the CP or the CN, DARS maximizes your courses.

Can Gen ED courses be taken pass/fail?

Gen Ed courses must be taken for a letter grade (normal grading option) unless a course is only offered pass/fail.

Can my transfer courses fulfill Gen Ed requirement?

Transferred college courses are considered for Gen Ed on a course-by course basis. Contact you adviser for more information.

Last Updated: 11/26/13