Getting Started

There are a lot of study abroad options available for college students, but the key is finding an experience that will line up with both your academic and personal goals. Be sure to assess both your wants and your needs in determining what program would work best for you.

Think about the following and be ready to discuss the answers with your support system, family, and advisors:

  • How long will you want to be abroad
  • What are the costs of the programs you're interested in and how will you plan the finances
  • Where are the places you want to go
  • Do you have a curiosity about a country, prior knowledge, or a language to practice
  • What coursework is available in the program and how compatible is it with your academic program
  • What is the desired depth of the international, cultural, or language immersion
  • What housing arrangements are provided or not provided

Remember, the Office of International Programs will need to advise you about the opportunities provided through Watson, Binghamton, and SUNY. The OIP website also provides all the types of information you'll need before, during, and after your study abroad experience.

Don't forget to keep in touch with Watson! Send us stories, quotes, and pictures from your study abroad experience at

Last Updated: 6/25/15