Finding Work Abroad

With stellar resume in hand and a good understanding of what you want out of an international work experience and what it will take to make it happen, you can start your search:

  • Research countries and companies of interest to learn about internship programs
  • Attend networking opportunities with exposure to international researchers, employers, and alumni
  • Talk to past employers, your parents' friends, a mentor to find opportunities
  • Ask about opportunities of current and past members in your student organizations
  • Watch your email and the Watson website for opportunities and events
  • Research types of internships, volunteer projects, research exchanges to see what's available
  • Contact Watson faculty members. Find out if they have any colleagues around the globe with projects or positions for students
  • Talk to other Watson students who have already completed an international internship, where appropriate ask for an introduction or even a recommendation

If you are able to make a connection that might help with getting an international internship send them a letter of introduction and a resume. Be sure to include the following in your one page letter:

  • Your interest in their company and why
  • Your relationship/network to them and its importance
  • Your interest in an international internship as part of your academic experience and how it will be mutually beneficial to you and the company
  • Your skills, abilities, and background and why they are a good fit for the company

It's challenging to make an impact on an employer that won't meet you unless you are hired. Web-enabled video calls help both the employer and you get a better sense of how you'll work together. Be sure to check out our interview guide, as a video interview can cause difficulties in perceiving non-verbal cues, working with English as a second language, and can put more emphasis on nervous ticks you may have.

Students planning a work-abroad experience should expect to cover all costs associated with the experience. Participation in an international work experience is not a way to make money, but rather to gain unique experience and competence. In most countries, internships are designed to provide relevant experiences to shape the talent pool rather than a significant wage. An internship that provides enough support to cover living expenses once you're in country is usual.

Last Updated: 8/31/15