Pre-Departure Planning

Housing, Travel, and Expenses

Be sure to plan your travel as soon as possible in order to obtain the best possible fares. Also consider transportation options (bus, rail, taxi, metro) you'll want to utilize to travel from the airport to your housing and from your housing to your job.

Arranging your housing will largely depend on availability, arrangements with the employer, and the timing of your internship. Remember that different countries will handle renting situations differently than you might be used to. Make sure to include the cost and location of housing in considerations you make for budget and daily schedule. If you're having problems arranging housing, see if you can reach out to a Binghamton student or alumni from the country for some advice.

Expenses can add up when you are abroad and you don't want to run out of funds before the end of your stay. Plan ahead and establish a budget before you leave. Remember to notify your bank and credit card companies that you'll be making expenditures abroad. It's also wise to check into any applicable foreign exchange fees that your bank may charge.

Some Ideas to help you develop a budget for your stay abroad

Housing, Food, Utilities, Misc. Household expenses, Round trip airfare, ground transportation, passport application, visa application medical needs (inoculations, prescriptions, exams, and medications), supplemental medical insurance, work permit/authorization expenses, program fees or tuition for credits (if applicable), entertainment costs, mobile phone/calling card, internet, laundry, souvenirs.

You may want to put your budget in both US currency and the currency of the country you'll be working in.

Keeping in Touch

It's important for you to figure out how you will communicate with your family while you are working abroad and how you will contact and get help in cases of emergency. Be sure to find out if a local cell phone is an affordable option. Also check out information about cyber cafes and other places to stay connected at very little cost. You'll want to figure communication costs, postage, etc. into your expenses.

Don't forget to send pictures and updates to Watson International Career and Alumni Connections so that we can share in your experiences!

Work Permits

It's important that you and your employer understand the steps required for ensuring you get a work permit in time for the internship. Make sure you look into the procedures on the U.S. State Department website as well as the work country's embassy website and communicate with your employer regarding their understanding and experience with the process.

Student visas and work permits typically require an offer letter from the host employer or organization verifying your business offer in the host country. This means you need to wait until you've accepted a job offer before you start the process, however, be sure to take care of the permit application as soon as you can.

Last Updated: 11/26/13