Information for Current, Returning and Non-Degree Students

Current Students

Summer and Winter Sessions

Stay on track to graduate! The Center for Learning and Teaching offers winter and summer sessions.           

If you're a current student who wishes to:

  • transfer to another school within the University OR
  • obtain a double degree

you must submit an Intra-University Transfer (IUT)/Double-Degree application. 

Double Major or Double Degree?

Double degree: Earn two separate baccalaureate degrees if one of the degrees is a professional degree (BS Accounting, BA Engineering, including Bachelor's in Fine Arts or Bachelor's in Music). 

Double major: Pursue two majors from the same school/college at Binghamton University. For example: BS Biochemistry and BA English or  BS Biology and BA Sociology. 

Here is what you need to know and do:

  • Each school has specific criteria you must meet and may also have space limitations on the number of students who can be accommodated. Review these sheets, which provide school-specific information:
  • Talk to an academic advisor in the school you wish to transfer to or obtain the second degree form before beginning the application process to be sure your grades and coursework allow you to be considered.
  • If you've been out of school for three consecutive major semesters and want to return to Binghamton, you must first gain readmission to the school in which you were enrolled. You may only apply to a new school the semester after you return.
  • Apply by logging into BU BRAIN; the online application is on the Home tab at the bottom titled "Intra-University/Double-Degree Application for Admission."
  • Spaces may fill at any time before the semester begins.

Returning Students

If you'd like to return to the same program of study after missing three consecutive major semesters, you must submit a re-enrollment application. If you've missed fewer than three consecutive semesters, you don't need to re-enroll and may register online during your assigned registration time. 

Review our  re-enrollment guidelines before submitting an application. Notification of admission decisions is sent via email.

Apply for Re-enrollment

Study Abroad and Re-enrollment

If you're studying abroad in a Binghamton University or other SUNY study-abroad program, you don't need to re-enroll, even if you've missed three consecutive major semesters. However, if you're participating in a non-SUNY program and won't be enrolled for three consecutive major semesters, you must re-enroll.

Non-Degree (Continuing Education) Students

You're considered a non-degree (also called non-matriculated or continuing education) student if you are approved to take credit courses (fall and spring semester) but are not formally accepted into a degree-granting program at Binghamton. The Binghamton courses will appear on a Binghamton transcript and advising is available. Notification of an admission decision is sent via email.

If you've already obtained a bachelor's degree, you must apply as a graduate non-degree student (even if you wish to take undergraduate courses). If you have questions about applying, contact The Graduate School at Binghamton University at 607-777-2151 or visit its website

Non-degree Application

High School Students

Binghamton's College Link program allows qualified high school students to take college courses for credit on our campus. Apply for College Link