Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative

One of Binghamton University's goals is to be a healthy campus that fosters health/wellness, safety and sustainability, and provides a productive environment for all students, faculty and staff, as well as vendors, volunteers and visitors to campus. 

To help encourage this culture, two broad-based committees developed a tobacco-free policy for Binghamton University. A draft policy was released to the campus for comment in April 2016. Many students, faculty and staff provided comments that reflected both sides of the Issue. The committees reviewed and considered all the comments and made a recommendation to the senior officers group to implement the policy. On Tuesday, May 10, 2016, the senior officers group approved this policy, which became effective Aug. 1, 2017. 

We understand that our move to become tobacco free is a sensitive and difficult one for some. Know that,  Binghamton University will do all we can to support those who use tobacco products to eliminate their dependence on them, if they so desire. This Includes making smoking cessation programming and non-prescription smoking cessation devices (patches, gum, lozenges, etc.) available to faculty, staff, students and our auxiliary services partners' employees. 

Now that we are fully implemented, we are continuing to provide information and educate the campus and visitors about the policy and its impact. In fall 2016, the committees undertook an assessment of tobacco use on campus through a broad-based survey of campus stakeholders, and the results and analysis of the assessment were presented to the campus in March 2017. View a video of Joel LaLone, the consultant for the assessment and its analysis, presenting results in an open presentation to the campus. In fall 2019, the same survey is being administered in order to assess any progress the campus has made, as well as areas that still need additional support and resources. The results will be presented in spring 2020.

Continue to check back to this Tobacco-Free Campus webpage that includes the new policy, FAQs and other resource material. Questions or issues can be addressed to