Fall 2020 CCE Services

As students begin to return to campus this fall, some community engagement opportunities will be limited due to social distancing guidelines and community partner capacity. However, the CCE office is fully functioning, and we look forward to continuing to serve students, faculty and community partners through every means possible, including phone, email and online video meetings. Learn more about available CCE programs and services below.

Learn more about the University's Restarting Binghamton plan.


Face masks and social distancing will be enforced for anyone entering the CCE office. Any student who wishes to speak with a CCE staff member is encouraged to call our office at 607-777-4287 or email us at cce@binghamton.edu with questions or concerns that do not require face-to-face interaction.

CCE volunteer initiatives

Students can search the Service Listings for current volunteer opportunities. Students are responsible for ensuring that proper health and safety protocols are in place when volunteering in person. We are also encouraging organizations to think about virtual or remote opportunities they could offer, which will also be in the Service Listings and designated as such.

Check out some examples of local and national online and virtual service opportunities

CDCI internships in local school districts

The CCE is working closely with the Fleishman Center and local school districts to make plans to support local schools both in person and virtually in the fall semester. Students interested in completing an internship can apply through our postings on hireBING by Handshake. When we know what specific needs the schools have, we will work with students to make the best placement possible. If students are interested in volunteering, reach out after classes have started to inquire about opportunities. Specific questions can be directed to Sara Hall at 607-777-4289 or sarahall@binghamton.edu.


At this time, the CCE is not accepting voter registration forms or absentee ballot requests in person, and students should complete any needed forms and mail, or deliver them in person, to the Board of Elections. See our voter engagement page for all forms and deadlines. We expect to resume in-person collection of forms in fall 2020.

CCE staff are available to provide virtual assistance with voting questions. If you need assistance, contact Alison Handy Twang at atwang@binghamton.edu or 607-777-3083. Visit our voter engagement page for relevant forms and deadlines, and contact the CCE or your local Board of Elections for additional assistance.

We are closely monitoring news from the governor's office and the Board of Elections that may impact student voting. We will update this page if more information becomes available.

2020 Census

The Census Bureau has issued guidance that college students should still be counted at the residence they live while attending school, even if they have returned home, will be living at a different address next year or have graduated. If you live with roommates, you should work together to submit just one census form for everyone at your address. If you live with roommates, you should work together to submit just one census form for everyone at your address. If this is not possible, you should still respond on your own and include as much information as you can about everyone you lived with in spring 2020. The census will remove duplication if your roommates also respond. If everyone at your apartment returned home before receiving the census instructions in the mail, or you no longer have access to those instructions, you can still respond by entering your address. Specific questions can be directed to Alison Handy Twang at 607-777-3083 or atwang@binghamton.edu.


Community-engaged learning courses

If you are a faculty member teaching a community-engaged learning course, the CCE can help you develop a plan for modifying your course for an online learning environment. For specific questions about your course, contact Barry Brenton at 607-777-2859 or bbrenton@binghamton.edu. Here are some online and virtual service opportunities to get you started.

Ongoing faculty academic support initiatives 

The CCE will continue to actively support all of our Faculty Academic Support Initiatives to offer the delivery of programs and resources for faculty interested in developing and sustaining high-impact community-based learning and research across all disciplines. These initiatives include: consulting on community-based course development; connections to community partners; resources on community-engaged research; online professional development workshops; a course designation process for community-engaged learning; The Community Engaged Teaching Fellows Program; Community Engagement Faculty Teaching Grants; and a faculty e-newsletter.  

Community Partners:

Any community partner who wishes to speak with a CCE staff member may call our office at 607-777-4287 or email us at cce@binghamton.edu. We will respond to voicemails as soon as possible.

Finding volunteers

Organizations may still post opportunities on the CCE’s online Service Listings. Specific questions can be directed to Kelli Huth, CCE director, at 607-777-2875 or khuth@binghamton.edu.