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Pursue your Chemistry PhD at BU in the Biological Chemistry Track (BCT)

Interested in applying the principles of chemistry toward research in neurological disease, cancer, or the environment? Consider pursuing your PhD in Chemistry along the Biological Chemistry Track (BCT). Graduate students in the BCT are part of the same close-knit, supportive community of the traditional Chemistry PhD program. They also enjoy wide flexibility in graduate course work. Seven faculty members in the Chemistry Department support graduate students in the BCT, with areas of research in four general sub-disciplines (see below). Our students go on to successful careers in academia, industry, and government in today’s post-genomic world, where biochemistry is king. Apply now!

Who should apply? Successful students in the BCT possess undergraduate degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and related disciplines.

How much is tuition? Tuition is paid by the Chemistry Department for students who serve as a teaching assistant. Tuition may also be paid from the advisor's research grants. In both scenarios, tuition costs are covered.

How do I apply? Follow this link to apply to the Chemistry Department. In your statement of interest, indicate your desire to pursue the BCT.

When should I apply? We have rolling admissions for the Fall and the Spring semesters. However, we strongly encourage you to apply early because spots are limited and fill quickly.

Where can I learn more about the research? Find your area of interest below, and click on the name of associated faculty member.

Structural Biophysics Biocatalysis Bioanalytical Chemistry Chemical Biology and
Bioorganic Chemistry

Last Updated: 8/8/18