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Graduate Study in Chemistry


  • The Chemistry Department offers students the opportunity to study in the traditional areas of chemistry as well as in the growing interdisciplinary areas of biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and materials chemistry
  • Students work closely with their faculty mentor, but have wide opportunities to interact with faculty in other disciplines including geology, physics, materials/mechanical engineering and biology.
  • The department offers the PhD degree in chemistry, as well as the MA and MS degrees.
  • Students specialize in one area of chemistry, taking their courses, exams and performing research in that area.
  • Each student has a research adviser chosen by the student based on his or her research interests and the faculty member's availability of funding and space. This decision is typically made in the first year, though some students come to the University specifically to work with a given faculty member. This is a mutual decision and the student should have discussions with several faculty before an adviser is proposed.
  • The selection of an adviser is an important decision, since the adviser helps students with course selection and guides them in the development of a viable research program.

Last Updated: 3/14/18