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David C. Doetschman

Dr. David C. Doetschman

Professor Emeritus of Physical and Materials Chemistry

  • B.S., Chemistry, Northern Illinois. University, DeKalb, Illnois., 1963
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois., 1969
Science 2 Bldg - Room 240
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Research Interests:

My research program has been aimed mainly at a better understanding of the structure, motions, and chemistry of materials in the solid state through the application of appropriate spectroscopic techniques. His laboratory has gas chromatographic mass spectrometric (GS-MS) and Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) instrumentation.

Recent research has been focused on the nucleophilic reactions of Faujasite zeolites with various adsorbed organic compounds, some of which have environmental or security significance. Specifically the lab has performed research on the coordination of cations exchanged into zeolites and on the nucleophilic chemistry that alkyl halides, phosphonate and sulfate esters, and isocyanates undergo with certain zeolites. Past studies include investigations of the binding of free radical molecules to zeolite cage walls with 2D pulsed EPR and of the zeolite cage sites of polar organic molecules by infrared spectroscopy.

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