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Alistair J. Lees

Dr. Alistair J. Lees

Professor, Inorganic Chemistry

  • BSc., PhD., DSc., University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
Smart Energy bldg - room 2033
Group page:

Research Interests:

Research interests are in organometallic photochemistry with an emphasis on transition-metal photophysics and photoreactivity. We really seek to learn more about the nature and reactivity of electronically excited states and then apply this knowledge to a variety of new directions and applications, including host guest chemistry and new anion sensors.  We have recently discovered a system that accurately and selectively detects sulfites below 1 ppm in wines and ciders.

Recent Publications:

Kai-Chi Chang, Shih-Sheng Sun, Maurice Odago and Alistair J. Lees, Anion Recognition and Sensing by Transition Metal Complexes with Polarized N-H Recognition Motifs, Coord. Chem. Revs., 2015, 284, 111-123.

Kai-Chi Chang, Shih-Sheng Sun and Alistair J. Lees, Anion Sensing by Rhenium(I) Carbonyls with Polarized N-H Recognition Motifs,  Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2012, 389, 16-28.

Ju-Ling Lin, Chih-Wei Chen, Shih-Sheng Sun and Alistair J. Lees, Photoswitching Tetranuclear Rhenium (I) Tricarbonyl Diimine Complexes with a Stilbene-Like Bridging Ligand,  Chem. Commun., 2011, 47, 6030-6032.

Maurice O. Odago, Diane M. Colabello and Alistair J. Lees, A Simple Thiourea Based Colorimetric Sensor for Cyanide Ion, Tetrahedron Letts., 2010, 66, 7465-7461.

Arvind Kumar, Shih-Sheng Sun and Alistair J. Lees, Directed Assembly Metallocyclic Supramolecular Systems for Molecular Recognition and Chemical Sensing,  Coord. Chem. Revs., 2008, 252, 922-939.

Last Updated: 2/5/19