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photo of Tom (Zhiyong) Xu

Dr. Tom (Zhiyong) Xu

Research Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, China
  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA
Science 2 Bldg - Room 707

Research Interests:

  • Materials and process development for batteries and supercapacitors
  • Printable Electronics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Energy storage technology for grid and off-grid applications
  • Materials and processes for environmental remediation
  • Materials and processes for thermal management
  • Carbon based materials, such as carbon fiber, carbon nanotubes and graphene
  • Materials and processes for solar cells
  • Circular economy and sustainable development

Selected Publications

GT. Caneba, Z. Xu, YL Dar, “Free-Radical Retrograde-Precipitation Copolymerization of Vinyl Acetate and Acrylic Acid,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 113, 3872-3882, 2009.

Z. Xu, J. Hwang, B. Li, X. Huang and H. Wang, “The Characterization of Various ZnO Nanostructures Using Field Emission SEM,” JOM, 29-32, April, 2008. Cover Highlight.

Z. Xu, H. Wang and J. Hwang, “Complex carbon nanotube superstructures synthesized with natural mineral catalysts,” Carbon, 45, 873-879, 2007.

H. Wang, Z. Xu and G. Eres, “Order in vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays,” Applied Physics Letters, 88, 213111-3, 2006.

Last Updated: 3/31/17