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The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies (CNES) offers students the chance both to major and to minor in the languages, literatures and cultures of the ancient Mediterranean Greek, Roman, etc. and modern Arabic-speaking worlds, this department provides instruction that is crucial to understanding where we are today and how we got here. Courses range from basic instruction in language (Arabic, ancient Greek, Latin, Turkish) and culture for all students in all programs, to advanced work preparatory to many rewarding careers, for example, in government, law, academia, communications, management and other fields.

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Research in Classical and Near Eastern Studies (CNES)

Our faculty focuses on areas of global importance including research in the arabic and the middle east and the classical and medieval worlds.

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CNES Student Opportunities in Classics and Arabic Studies

Our CNES department offers students opportunities for study abroad, internships, research and more.

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Middle East and North Africa Studies (MENA)

Commitment to teaching and supporting advanced research about the Middle East, North Africa, and adjacent areas.

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