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Levin Grant Reception for Lyla Cerulli, 2016 Recipient

Lyla Cerulli presents on her Living Latin summerOn Friday, 14-Oct, students and Faculty in Classics assembled to celebrate Lyla Cerulli, the first ever Saul and Ruth Levin Educational Enrichment Grant recipient. At the event, Lyla presented a PowerPoint illustrating how she used the money to further her education in classics.

Lyla, a Latin and psychology major, is passionate about Latin. For Lyla, it is a living language, one that continues to be spoken, written, and enjoyed in all its facets.

No surprise, then, that Lyla wanted to spend the grant money to help fund her four weeks at the Living Latin in Rome program sponsored by the Paideia Institute, an organization dedicated to promoting Latin and ancient Greek as living, spoken languages.

Living Latin in Rome: Intensive Study, Memorable Fun

The program describes itself as "an intensive Latin experience set in the city of Rome." Students speak Latin sub arboribus, that is, outside, under the trees; they explore texts in situ, at ancient historical sites; they meet in camera, in air-conditioned, wifi-enabled classrooms. Field trips take them to sites in Rome, to sites just outside Rome, to places as far afield as Pompeii and Naples. But just on its own, a four-week-long stay in Rome is an unforgettable experience.

Abby Guruparan, Lyla Cerulli, John Starks, Thomas Rice
Abby Guruparan, Lyla Cerulli, John Starks, Thomas Rice

Lyla's Presentation

To bring her experience to life for reception attendees, Lyla prepared a PowerPoint presentation featuring images and text: an image of the Fons Bandusiae and a slide with Horace's poem honoring the spring just outside his native town of Venusia; the ruins of the Forum Romanum and Poggio Bracciolini's meditation on those ruins; a passage from Plautus and an image of students performing that text.

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Lyla at Horace's Fons Bandusiae
Lyla at Horace's Fons Bandusiae


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