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Saqer Almarri is recognized with a 2018/19 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching!

Saqer Almarri, a Ph.D. student in Translation Studies, was singled out for his teaching.

The nomination letter from the department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies for this teaching award stated the following about Saqer's outstanding teaching and contributions to the academic community at Binghamton University:

Saqer Almarri, teaching award winneMr. Almarri has been teaching courses in the Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies since fall 2013. This has been a period of transition for our Department, with new hires, research leaves and course releases, requiring us to find instructors to teach a number of permanent courses essential to our Department's curriculum. Over the past five years, we have been grateful to have had Mr. Almarri to assist in responding to our pressing needs by serving as the instructor of record for six courses and as the TA in one other course. We have been greatly impressed by Mr. Almarri's skills, aptitude and dedication. He is a dynamic and gifted instructor who has demonstrated time and again both unique abilities to teach Arabic to non-native and heritage students at all levels of instruction (from elementary to advanced) in a lucid and accessible manner and a willingness to embrace learning as a mode of operation. Numerous students have sung his praises as a remarkably engaged and engaging instructor in confidential letters that were solicited from them...Faculty members in the Department who have mentored him speak glowingly of his professionalism, flexibility and openness to learning. Added to Mr. Almarri's skills and positive attitude are affableness and sincerity—qualities as rare as they are refreshing to find in a young scholar. We also gratefully acknowledge his consummate collegiality in accompanying other graduate students who have been invited to teach introductory Arabic.

As for his research, Saqer's current research work includes the history of translation in relation to Arabic as well as its relation to the spread of religions, contemporary and historical translation theories, medieval legal texts discussing the human body. The working title of his dissertation is: "The Khunthā and the Community: A Study in the Medieval Islamic Understanding of the Body". Read more about his work here.

Last Updated: 1/23/19