Version 11 is coming

All users will be upgraded to version OmniUpdate Version 11 on January 23, 2021

OmniUpdate is the web content management system used by Binghamton University. The Web Team, part of University Communication and Marketing, has primary responsibility for building, migrating, developing and helping to maintain websites across campus using OmniUpdate.


Faculty and staff wishing to use OmniUpdate must complete at least one training session (beginner or advanced) to obtain an OmniUpdate account. However, both sessions are recommended to properly prepare you to create and make changes to webpages. OmniUpdate training is provided online.

Request OmniUpdate Access


User Groups

The OmniUpdate administrator holds monthly user group sessions that address various topics of interest.


We have created the following OmniUpdate snippets that you can use to enhance your website in a variety of ways.