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The University Counseling Center provides comprehensive clinical and referral services to Binghamton University's undergraduate students, graduate students and affiliated entities. Our goal is to enhance the psychological well-being of our students so they can take full advantage of the educational opportunities at the University.

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8 a.m.–4 p.m. Monday–Friday

COVID-19 RESOURCES - Find a full list of COVID-related resources here

In its ongoing response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the University Counseling Center (UCC) continues to support the emotional well-being of students while also observing federal and state recommendations for social distancing.

The UCC is currently using a telecounseling platform for services as described below.  

  • Telecounseling services are being delivered through the Zoom platform whenever possible, but also include some telephone calls depending upon the technology available to students and/or staff. The UCC uses procedures and settings in Zoom to ensure full IT security of sessions.  
  • Individual service options continue to evolve to meet the needs of our student community as we strive to adapt our services to the ever changing impact of the ongoing pandemic. Students may call the UCC front desk at 607-777-2772 to schedule a tele-meeting with a counselor to discuss your mental health concerns, some ways to cope and what follow-up options might be available given the UCC’s scope of service. We continue to provide referral assistance to students seeking to connect with off-campus counseling or psychiatry services. Students are encouraged to check secure messages (Health portal link) for previous communications from UCC staff.
  • A variety of pre-recorded as well as synchronous (live) workshops have been offered during the spring semester to provide students with support and resources regarding anxiety management, meditation practices, improving motivation and coping strategies specific to the challenges posed by the ongoing quarantine. Prerecorded workshops are available on our website and additional workshops are under development for the fall semester. If you are interested in a UCC staff member providing outreach presentations to a class or program, contact the front desk at 607-777-2772.
  • The UCC is currently reviewing options to resume group counseling in the fall semester in compliance with social distancing guidelines as well as recommended best practices. We will continue to post updates about this as information becomes available. 
  • During the summer months, the UCC provides telecounseling services to Binghamton University students who are registered for summer classes. Current Binghamton University students who are residing in the Binghamton area during the summer and who are enrolled for the coming fall semester can also access services at the UCC within our scope of care by paying a one-time summer health services fee of $40.00. Call the front desk at 607-777-2772 to schedule a tele-triage consultation to discuss your therapy needs. Treatment recommendation(s) (e.g., brief counseling at the UCC, off-campus referral, psychiatry referral) will be discussed at the end of this consultation with consideration of the UCC's scope of services. 
  • Staff will respond to urgent and emergent needs via same-day teleservice, with emergencies triaged to determine what is the appropriate level of care.  
  • After-hours support remains available through the main counseling number at 607-777-2772 and press #2.
  • For assistance during regular hours and after-hours, call the UCC main number at 607-777-2772. 
  • For emergency assistance call 911 or your local hospital, or see the Emergencies page on our website for other resources.

Tips for how to find a counselor if you are looking for one in your home area.

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for depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol, eating disorders, generalized anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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How to make a referral to the UCC

Are you interested in helping your friend, student or child? Are you worried about their well-being? Know your limits as a help-giver; only go as far as your expertise, training, and resources allow. When a student needs more help than you are able or willing to give, it is time to Make a Referral to a professional.


International and domestic students with UnitedHealthcare insurance have unlimited access to both telehealth and telecounseling services